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Acknowledge, welcome, and make space for discomfort

via Ashia

It sucks, and it hurts, but cracks are how the light gets in.

Creating space for conflict and moving through it with an commitment to healthy repair and transformative justice is how we build trust within our community. This is how we model resilience for our kids.

Each of us is invited, but not compelled to share our stories and reflections. Be willing to take risks, to say the wrong thing, to provoke a challenge, to piss each other off – but none of us are obligated to push ourselves toward a trauma reaction for the sake of another person’s edification.

Maybe discomfort looks like disagreement. Maybe it looks like awkward silence. Maybe it looks like resisting false urgency and moving slower. Or moving faster and taking action before we feel fully ready.

We notice, name, and hold space for our discomfort without pushing it away.

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