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Make this moment together different

via Ashia

While we can’t meet in person to create a physical space, we can still spend a couple minutes transforming our space through sensory triggers. Let’s take five minutes prepare, as if inviting good friends over.

Don’t go overboard – no need to scrub the baseboards. Unless that’s your thing. Do what makes you feel clear-headed!

Ask: what small adjustments can we make so this gathering is different from all others?

Some examples:

  • Light: Light a candle, sit next to a window instead of letting it back-light your silhouette. Dim, brighten, or diffuse harsh lights to help friends with communication disabilities read lips.
  • Touch & Pressure: Arrange the space to sit in a cozy chair or bed, grab a soft weighted blanket, hold a warm mug of tea. Invite the cat to sit on your lap. Bring your favorite fidget toys, or work on a low-attention knitting project to keep your hands busy.
  • Sound: Close off distracting sounds and background music from our environment, move away from your kids’ cartoons and find space with rugs and soft furniture that absorbs sound (not a bathroom!) Open or close windows, let your cat purr loudly. Zoom will block most background noises, but you can adjust your settings.
  • Smell: Avoid kitchens or bathrooms if you can, bring in a smell that you find comforting or energizing – make some chai, bring an old stuffed animal, light incense, cut up some fruit.

This Winter incubator will be unlike all future incubators

So we’ll rearrange our spaces to create cozy nooks, wear our favorite sweaters, bring a warm mug of tea, and take a few deep breaths before entering our shared space.


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