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Showing up: Respect our time together

via Ashia

Everyone has made an effort to show up for each other, including arranging for childcare, taking time off work, and setting alarms and saying ‘no’ to other fun things. This community can only work if we all do our part to respect each other’s time and build trust. Commit to staying present and giving the gift of our attention.

We will make a proactive effort to shut out distractions. Creative examples:

  • Set weekly alarms to prep before the meeting starts
  • Grab everything we need to nurse and care for infants during the meeting.
  • Arrange for kids to be occupied elsewhere, or make sure they’ve got plenty to busy them.
  • Talk with older kids ahead of time about the difference between ‘my game ran out of batteries‘ and ‘the house is on fire
  • Have a plan for inevitable toddler invasions.
  • Find a quiet space where you we can focus on what everyone is saying.
  • Put a note on our office door.
  • Silence phones, disable alarms and notifications. Place other devices in another room.
  • Close apps and browser windows. Commit to not browsing the web, catching up on email
  • Create a plan for how to identify and take action when we’re overwhelmed or triggered – do we pick up our phones? Scroll social media? Stomp out of the room? Blank out? How will we redirect ourselves to stay engaged or disengage for future generative conflict?

The world will always demand our attention, so we must get creative and unapologetic about showing up for each other.

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