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Snowy Hijinks Afoot!

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[Image Description: Illustration of a father and daughter standing in a field of tall grass and flowers, from ‘A Place To Grow‘ (affiliate link) by Soyung Pak & Marcelino Truong]

Winter is for prepping our community for growth

Hi friends!

This winter (until whenever the snow melts and the bitter air moves on), I’m focusing on composting and fertilizing. All of the stuff I’ve created for you needs to be reassessed and re-evaluated, so we can create some TRULY AWESOME STUFF this year.

  • Are we boosting not just #OwnVoices stories, but are we integrating what they teach us into the way we work and live? Think: decolonizing & environmentalism, anti-capitalism & consumerism. In fighting these frameworks, are we doing it in ways that reinforce them? Or can we find a better way?
  • Are we modeling cycles of rest and sustainability for our kids?
  • Are we teaching our kids how to discern between false urgency / performative outrage – and the deep and necessary work that moves us toward change?

I’m experimenting with these questions along with our community members. As should all folks who seek to use their privilege and visibility to smash the kyriarchy.

In that effort, I’m putting a 3-month pause on busywork that is distracting, time-consuming, and inaccessible to many readers. Instead, I’m focusing my time on deeper radical work so I can keep providing awesome book recommendations, articles, and other resources that help you raise kind & brilliant humans.

I know a season feels like forever – but this is a good time to catch up and read through the archived content through a new lens.

Also rest assured that I’m still creating new content, just at a pace that allows me to sleep sometimes.

Behind the scenes

Through winter 2019-2020, I’m focusing on busy behind-the-scenes research, connecting, and updating website interface hooshermagiggies and fixing bugs. Because the website isn’t very helpful unless it’s accessible for everyone – including folks who uses screen readers and whatnot. Trust me, it’s good stuff.

So you [probably] won’t see any changes on your side of the internet. I’m waiting until Spring to publish our new book lists, so you won’t see new content on the website or my social media channels unless you’ve signed up for patreon updates.

If you DO see any weird janky things, leave a comment here so I know what things need fixing.

What’s with the ugly new posts?

Members of Raising Luminaries are exploring ways to model healthy activism for their kiddos. Alongside the stories we talk about, we discuss the internalized bias and mental shifts we need to take to do this work with integrity – not telling our kids what matters, but moving these words into action.

In 2020, we’re exploring how to release internalized bias against our work when it’s flawed and ugly, having the courage it takes to try new things and fail spectacularly, and working at a pace that accommodates my disability and limitations. Through this winter season, I’m learning how to share my work with you in a way that is both accessible and sustainable – which means the website is in construction but I’m still creating new content, and old content is still available.

Which means we’re gonna let things get messy while I experiment with different software and formats while searching for and testing resources to create something gorgeous down the line.

Stay Curious, Stand Brave & Fertilize A Movement

If you want to follow along with the busy, join the patreon community where you can vote in post polls, add your insight, and get behind-the-scenes progress reports on what we’re up to and where we’re headed.

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