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via Ashia

after this has been formatted and filled, add to main navigation, along with a pulldown menu from the main nav

My Membership

Quick links for how to manage your membership (this should be a concertina faq)

How do I adjust my pledge?

How do I pause or cancel my pledge?

Luminary Brain Trust

Available for Luminary Accomplices and above

Classes & Events

Available for…

New Member Orientation



Event Calendar

Resource Library

Available for Collaborator Patreon tiers and above

Good Finds

Unpolished Booklists

Uncut Spotlight Interviews

Patreon Articles

Unpolished Booklists

Available for Collaborator Patreon tiers and above

Move these from pages to posts, then display

1-on-1 Illuminati Consults

Available for Illuminati tiers and above

Include a google embedded form

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