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March 2019 Recap, Part 1

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March 2019 Recap, Part 1

What is that saying, where March romps in like a lion and stumbles out like a lamb?

Whatever it is, I’m not having that this week. We have a kyriarchy to smash and thoughts, prayers, and gentle nudges won’t get done that needs doing. We shall remain lions – hold steady with those sharp claws and that wild and fabulous mane.

Let’s rip and tear our way into April with a cathartic roar of fury.

Deep breath, here we go.

I spent this month thinking about women’s history and transformative anger. 

  • How does women’s anger connect with this year’s focus on collective action?
  • How does accepting and embracing our anger help us raise kind and brilliant kids?
  • And of course, what does this all have to do with smashing the kyriarchy?I wrote out a whole thing and was about to tackle the part where I cut it into a less-than-20-page tirade. And then Q’s bus showed up.

    So I’ll cover that in the followup post. BUT MEANWHILE:

Book nerdery!

Here are the tools I’ve assembled for you while you reflect on these questions.


  • Maker Spotlight with Reflection PressEarlier this month, I mentioned that I’m having a hard time with ‘women’s history month.’ How can we boost the accomplishments of women and feminist icons throughout history… without reinforcing the idea of a gender binary?

Despite thinking about it for a whole month, I have failed to fix centuries of ingrained cissexism in the US! But I did take steps to boost more gender-inclusive makers. (Baby steps.)

So here is a sneak-peek of our Maker Spotlight interview with Maya & Matthew from Reflection Press.

  • Our annual St. Paddy’s call for Irish Americans to stop being hypocrites and step up in solidarity with modern immigrants got some traction this year. Good. Keep it up, cousins.
  • How to talk about mass shootings & gun violence with young children – This post went viral recently – for the most awful (and expected) reason. I know it’s helpful, and it’s a tool that gives people solace. But it still makes me sick that I had to have this collection in my pocket for the next inevitable horrifying event. And the next. And the next.
  • Relevant: How to handle tantrums: Books that explore big emotions and redirect harmful behavior.

NEW UNPOLISHED BOOK LISTS (patreon-only access)

  • Centering Muslim characters in kidlit – Fill your bookshelves. I wish this could be a public front-page post on the website but I didn’t have time to polish it up. So it’s set to public-access through March.
  • Destigmatizing Anger in Women – I was going to make this into a public blog post, but as you can see, I got distracted by current events. Instead, here’s a quick and messy infodump of assumptions we need to dismantle when it comes to anger in women. Also a list of stories where righteously angry women and girls transform their anger into good trouble. I love this list.
  • As a companion to this month’s discussion on transracial adoption, I created a handy guide to problematic savior tropes in kidlit. If you enjoy getting furious over harmful books, this will be your jam.
  • Here’s a list of all the archived women’s history books I could find from the BFL Facebook group. I have so many books to add to it! Dammit, I need like an extra eight hours in each day to throw more (awesome) books at you.
  • Our school had a movie night, so I made this booklist about celebrating Mexican culture for families to take home after watching Coco.
  • I found this tucked away as a public collection that I started and never had time to finish. So now you can find a guide to the best kinds of books for 2-year-olds over here. I have nostalgia over all of them.


  • Week 1: Check out our March Intentions post. Some of the stuff I originally planned fell off my radar while I tried to provide resources to heal folks who are hurting after the New Zealand shooting. I figured you’d be okay with it.
  • Week 2: Problematic tropes in transracial adoption kidlit (Patreon-only access)This bonus perk for patrons includes a 6-video series because…the topic is kind of complicated and there’s A LOT WRONG WITH ADOPTION KIDLIT. And it inspired a mini-avalanche of extra resources, including our problematic savior tropes in kidlit and a guest post from the lovely Liz Latty. Yay for wrestling hard topics and running with it!

Since I promised an update when I finished it, consider yourself updated: Closed captions & links are now ready. Since this is our first pancake with video posts, please let me know if there are any accomodations I can do to make these posts more accessible for members with disabilities.

Week 3: 10 Books that made us laugh and give us hope (Patreon-only access)

This is an infodump of the daily posts I used to create for BFL Facebook group members. It took 1/10th the time of formatting pre-scheduled daily posts on Facebook, it was a pleasure to write (rather than an obligation I dread) and I’ve gotten lots of happy feedback about it. Yay!



  • Our  Problematic tropes in transracial adoption kidlit video series led to this amazing guest post by Liz Latty https://www.patreon.com/posts/25595879
  • Alison S. is handling new member requests in the BFL Facebook group, tracking reader challenges (so we can solve them!) Her work is instrumental in protecting existing members from trolls, making sure every single voice is heard, and that our procedures for inclusion are in force. Alison is the best.
  • Over in the Luminary Brain Trust Facebook group, we’re talking about signs of burnout, and how to create procedures to recognize our warning signs BEFORE everything goes to hell. We’ve had some lovely contributors to the discussion! Next month, we’ll start talking about how to recover before things go too far.
  • April B. is leading the charge in the Student Ignition Society. We’ve got so many awesome ideas for how to collaborate in this space. I am excited.
  • I created a poll asking for feedback so I can provide Co-conspirator rewards. It’s over here! https://www.patreon.com/posts/25185819
  • My cat won’t get off my g-d desk and keeps blocking my screen. Also he smells like poop. He thinks he’s helping, but he is NOT. Someone please tell him this is NOT THE KIND OF COLLABORATION I WANT.

Also in the Luminary Brain Trust – I posted a thing today asking for advice on how to create a virtual gatekeeper to deflect rude white ladies who demand free labor. This is relevant to this month’s topic, because it makes me angry. LUMINARIES, GIVE ME ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS.

Update: Here’s the rest of this post. Click here for part 2 of our March 2019 recap: When you feel my teeth pierce your jugular.

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