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April 2019 Recap

via Ashia

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Disability Rights, Ableism April & Preparing Kids For Terminal Illness

It’s raining! Everything is blooming! No one I know has died this month! Life is good.

This month’s focus was cobbling together a last-minute Autism Acceptance Cram School for Allistic parents.

Perfectly executed, I would have presented this as a 30 slow-drip of little boops of knowledge interspersed with world-shakin’ truth bombs, once a day, every day through the month of April. I’d signal-boost articles and topics of fellow autistics and disability rights activists, collect some allistic nonsense, and we’d tie it up into a nice compilation of links at the end of the month.

We’ve amassed a big pile of articles and discussions on autism acceptance & disability rights over the years from my daily posts in the BFL Facebook group, where over the last few years, I’ve flooded you with posts about Autism acceptance and the disability rights movement.

So I thought this would be a simple matter of recycling older content and building on that with a few new articles each week on stuff I haven’t covered yet.

Obviously nothing I do is ever perfectly executed. We got so much traffic we had to upgrade our hosting and things got a little buggy on the new website. The kids were home all week for spring break. Facebook changed some stuff so instead of analyzing problematic books it looked like we were recommending them

::thunks head on desk::

Brevity is my weakness and limiting myself to only 30 topics was impossible. Oh and also we’ve been wrestling with the fact that my mother-in-law, whom I deeply love and admire, has a ginormous brain tumor (we’re in a liminal space now, biopsy is Wednesday) so I’ve been trying not to completely lose it because my partner is going through some feelings right now and I’d like to be here and make it easier for him (somehow?)

So instead, it was a hodgepodge of Facebook articles, links I haven’t gotten time to share, and topics I want to write about, but just didn’t have the time or spoons to tackle.

We’ll keep at it though. I’ll chip away at this throughout the year, maybe find someone who can manage the annoying logistics of publishing & sharing stuff on the interwebs, and by this time next year, we’ll be (more) ready.

If you’re curious, patron supporters can find a full syllabus with links to various places I’ve published stuff and other resources. It’s super messy and unfinished, I’ve got articles floating all over the internet that I need to hunt down and add to this, so expect it to change over time.

(Let’s pretend this mess is charming, rather than embarrassing.)

Patreon supporters: Click here for the Autism Acceptance Cram School Syllabus!

Non-patrons will have to settle for piecemeal bits and chunks archived on our various interweb channels.


As we discussed in this month’s intention post, we already have more disability-related book collections than anyone can keep up with, so I let this slide this month while we focused on other things.

I had plans to update all of them, but TIME! So some are updated, some are still in mint 2016-era condition.

::Begrudgingly submits to a human’s inability to do all the things, all the time:::


Patreon-only access

I said we wouldn’t be making more of these, but that somehow made creating these easier and I kind of ran with it. LOTS of book lists for you this month!

Click through to find oodles of articles breaking down problematic tropes and also …umm… a lot of salty language and cussing. April’s disability bewareness gets me riled up.

Also I fixed up the sidebar, so hopefully you can see the full list of unpolished book collections (on a regular computer screen, at least) for easier navigation.

Whoa. That turned out to be more book collections than I thought.



  • Everyone give Alison S. a high five! She’s handling intake for the BFL public group, so I can focus on bringing you more articles and book-researchery.
  • April B. is experimenting with ways to get members involved in the Student Ignition Society. Join is there and let’s collaborate on lesson plans and stuff.
  • I updated our hosting and some things got buggy. Big thanks to Rebecca B. for testing our old links and giving me a heads up so I can fix them!
  • Collaborators – what kinds of rewards do you wish we could do? (Or is the stuff we’ve got here already enough? I have no idea!) Check out our co-conspirator reward poll and leave a comment if you’ve got ideas or requests.
  • In the Luminary Brain Trust, we’re setting kyriarchy-smashing boundaries for self-care, and creating space to vent and celebrate. This is by far, my favorite space on the internet.


That is a LOT OF STUFF to process, so I’ll give you a break next Monday and do my very best to hush for a bit. I’ll be back on the first Monday of May (the 6th) with our May focus and some ideas for what we can tackle next month.

Have an awesome awesome night, friends!

– Ashia

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