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June 2019 Recap

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What happens when summer vacation attacks.

Hey friends!

I have a billion things to share with you that are all like 98% finished, but this month has whalloped me with fun and good chaos.

The good news is that I am now officially a mom of BIG KIDS – R2 turned 5 yesterday and it was also his preschool (and Q’s first grade) graduation. The bad news is I haven’t really figured out the childcare situation, and I’m home alone with the kids all week.

I thought I could catch up on everything I fell behind on this month while home with the kids – they’re so BIG NOW! Maybe they will play independently!

But HahAhahAHaHaHaHA. Nope.

I sat down an HOUR AGO to just try to make a list of the stuff I need to do today and…
Mummy come watch me jump
Mummy did you know if you hold your breath and jump off the couch onto the ground you actually fly? Mummy wanna see?
Mummy where’s my scrubby stim? Mummy. Mummy.
Mummy watch me do a tornado jump
Mummy I’m gonna go fllllying. Mummy wanna see? Mummy wanna see? Mummy come.
Mummy when will we put that blue swing up?
Mummy I like the BLUE swing because it’s gooder!
Mummy look what I did with my scrubby.
Mummy LOOK.
Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy.

Repeat that, every 5 seconds, without pausing to take a breath, for umm…like 7 years. Anyway I’m giving up on even trying to make a list of the things I need to do, and instead I’ll just create this post to explain why I won’t be making any posts until I can get the kids into some kind of camp next week.

Don’t Yuck My Yum

Anyhoo – this latest post is going viral! Which is great! I didn’t expect that!

But posts going viral comes with a bunch of surprise work and a bunch of gross folks come out of the woodwork, which means I’ll have my hands full for the rest of the week.

And then we come out with a new post on nonbinary characters soon!

There’s also a couple of problematic book video analysis I want to share with you, but I need to create captions for accessibility first.

And a list of good finds this month!

And I have a mountain of messages (some of them from you) to reply to, that I super duper want to reply to, I just haven’t had a moment to tackle my inbox.

And uhh, lots other stuff. Anyway. Good stuff waiting! But it will probably have to wait a few weeks. It will be worth it 🙂

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