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September 2019 Recap

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Helloo friends!

Here’s what I got for you so far:


Talking about race & racism series

I tried to narrow down to a reasonable amount of books about racism for a public collection, to be published by October 1. Turns out I also have A LOT of other deadlines (see below) right around then. AND it turns out fixing racism isn’t simple? Somehow?

There are sooo many good books, so many that it’d be overwhelming to just throw them at you. So I’ve broken it down into a series of posts, kind of like what we did for the human body series, where we started with super simple anatomy for really squeamish parents, all the way up to affirming rights for sex workers and championing healthy masturbation.

So that will be my project for autumn – I plan to have part 1 live by the end of October (likely sooner.)

Meanwhile, you can get a sneak peek of what to expect….right here. Like three lines down.


Printable Handout!

Anyhoo, I wanted to make sure to get you something ASAP, plus I wanted to create a simple handout to give local parents at our elementary school’s back-to-school orientation night this week. Two birds, one stone, here is a simple printable for folks just starting to talk about race with young kids. I’m including it as a printable for patreon-supporters only. So don’t share the printable file link.

But DO print it out to your heart’s content and post it at your local library, in your elementary school bulletin boards, at your local parent meetings, and for group playdates and stuff.

Patreon supporters can download the printable here


Parenting Forward Conference – THIS WEEK!

I’m speaking THIS THURSDAY EVENING (Sept 26, 7pm EST) on the Parenting Forward Conference. It’s entirely online, and if you register, you can watch/listen to recordings later at your leisure.

Cindy has been busting her tuchus to make this as accessible and easy for any parent who wants to tap into a diverse set of experts on raising the next generation of progressive and inclusive kiddos.

I’m not quite yet settled on what I plan to speak about – if you have questions or ideas for what could be most valuable to cover during my segment, comment below!

Unpolished Booklists

Our ever-spectacular Co-Conspirators, Rabble Books & Games (Maylands, Australia) were searching for the perfect book to help a teacher with a mixed-neurotype group of Pre-K students.

I realized this is an important booklist! It even came in handy as a nice, helpful intro to send to the Earthquake’s teacher this year. It was also a really great way to say “Hello, I know my child is different than what you’re used to. I appreciate your hard work and expect this classroom to be inclusive.”

But like, not aggressively. Helpfully! It’s right here:

Helping allistic preschoolers understand & empathize with autistic classmates


I’ve also been working on-and-off on a expansive list about Blindness & vision disabilities, along with an unpacking of problematic tropes that stigmatize vision disabilities. It’s like 10% done, but so far it’s over here:


Website Updates

To prep for the upcoming booklist on racism, I realized there are a ton of good books that I’ve processed waiting to be added to the Black Women’s History collection. SO GOOD! I’ve added some new ones, with more to come over the next couple months.



Student Ignition Society – Indigenous People’s Day Toolkit

If you’re an educator, and you use facebook, join our sub-group for educators. April B. is spearheading our Indigenous People’s Day Toolkit. She’s kicking ASS. SO MUCH.

In the spirit of this year’s goal exploring collaborative action, April is breaking the toolkit into small, manageable tasks and creating calls-to-collaborate.

She’s posting them throughout September, with a final deadline of 10/1 to collect contributions before we start polishing up the toolkit for Indigenous People’s Day (10/14).

Follow along – you might have ideas and wisdom in your brain-pockets that would make this toolkit AWESOME.

Meanwhile in the BFL Facebook group, Raising Luminaries FB page, and Twitter

I’m posting articles and content mainly focused on wealth inequality, class discrimination, education accessibility, and stuff like that.

Over in the Luminary Brain Trust for our Luminary-level supporters, I’m taking a break through September to catch up on other stuff (see all the stuff above), and occasionally blomping brain bloops whenever I get stuck on something.

I’m excited to get back to our discussion on organizing fast-action support communities (pods) for self-care, raising kids, and smashing the kyriarchy in October.

Coming up

Okay – less updates, more working on shenanigans!

I’ll be back in October when I have Part 1 of the racism book collection…or the Indigenous People’s Day Toolkit…or an upcoming thingie in the first week of October. Wait which one is when? So many things. I get confused.

I will update you in October, is what I’m saying.

Meanwhile, keep being awesome. I adore you.

– Ashia

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