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October 2019 Recap

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Coming soon – The Indigenous Peoples Day Solidarity Toolkit!

Hey friends!

Quick updates – April B., Headmistress of Ignition in the Student Ignition Society is coordinating collective efforts so we can create another kickass toolkit.

If things go according to plan :: maniacal villain laugh :: we’ll have the toolkit ready by 10/14. It’s designed to equip parents and educators with the tools they need to help kids advocate for the abolishment of Columbus day in favor of honoring Indigenous Peoples Day through the year so we’re ready to go for next year.

Anyhoo – I’m working on the companion booklist now, and apparently I have a LOT OF BOOKS to sort. So I’m shifting them into categories and creating unpolished booklists to get them out of the way so I can think.

So heads up, here are the new unpolished book lists – check ’em out!

Meanwhile, join the Student Ignition Society on Facebook to help us collaborate on the toolkit, and visit April’s blog, Mrs. Brown’s Blog, because she’s an awesome human who is working hard and sharing what she’s learning to help raise the next generation of kind and brilliant humans.

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