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December 2019 Recap

via Ashia

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Hi friends!

Whether it’s good riddance or with melancholy that we close out 2019, I’m excited to get into some good and jolly shenanigans with you in 2020!

Below, find a recap for the month, with links to all the stuffs we got did in December. BUT FIRST – THANK YOU!

It’s been a while since I sat my butt down and actively, out-loud thanked you for being the most kickass, fantastic, supportive, and mischievous community of kyriarchy-smashiers ever.

We have made SO. MUCH. PROGRESS in banding together to ignite the next generation of kind and courageous leaders.

I’ve gotten muddled in the details and a bit…overwhelmed. Many of you might have noticed that I fell behind on personally messaging folks every few months, and I still have a REAL PHYSICAL THING I am planning to ship out to folks who have been supporters for over a year but oh my gosh TIME. So assuming I won’t back to these for the indefinite future, just know I WANT to do them, and will do it when I catch up/get help/can.

I’m not sure if you can see it from the other side of my screen, but the ways in which I’ve seen people in this community connect and work toward shared values of inclusion and kindness is amazing and it makes my heart grow ten sizes.

None of the stuff I create could be done without you – your support is the make-or-break-it of this particular arm of the movement to smash the kyriarchy.

So seriously – thank you.

I could go on in granular detail listing names and things we’ve been working on together and how each boost and dollar and volunteer task counts to build something big and glorious, but I also know you only have so much time. So ::poke:: this is my thank you for you specifically.



Onward with the shenanigan updates!

New & Updated website posts:

  • No new public book collections, since we all decided in the last few polls that it’s a good idea to spend this winter working behind the scenes on the website so I can make more/better book collections in the future.

Elsewhere on the website

    • You probably can’t tell, but I’ve updated a ton of software & fixed a whole bunch of bugs. Brushed up on the last 10 years of usability & accessibility best web practices. Created a basic wireframe for easy navigation for both new and experienced members. Sorted out our primary areas of focus (keywords, which will be searchable) and types of posts (categories, so everything can be found from one place). Created a basic list of FAQ policy pages to be fleshed out later.
    • Check out what I’m working on currently and what’s to come over in the 2020 website task & planning chart.

New & updated unpolished book lists

(Patreon only)

New & Updated Patreon stuff

Social Media

Raising Luminaries Facebook Page

Books For Littles Facebook Group

  • Again, intentionally less activity here.
  • Lots of boosting of other kidlit-related organizations
  • Some new posts, but mostly I’m boosting archives for new readers who want to catch up and for experienced readers who missed them the first time.

Luminary Brain Trust

Luminary-level members, come join us! I send the link when you first pledge, but if you missed it, private message me and I’ll send it over.

  • Finished up pod community building series
  • Book club books (All You Can Ever Know, Emergent Strategy, Do Less (TBD))
  • Connecting with Aarti P. for shenanigans re: Patriarchy in South Asian culture & possibly coordinating a study group around an MIT open course.
  • Brainstormed Jolly things to do together – which we shared as a public post, as a holiday gift for the whole internet.
  • Various open threads
  • Winter Activism – Discussion on what activism & action looks like when you’re also respecting seasonality (necessary when intersecting with decolonization & environmentalism)

Student Ignition Society

  • April’s handling that, haven’t caught up recently myself.

Collaborative Action

  • December was our last month of focusing on the 2019 Raising Luminaries exploration of Collective Action. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop – oh boy oh boy do we have the ball and it’s picking up steam
  • Student Ignition Society – No activity for December, as a rest from the burst of activity creating the IDP toolkit in November.
  • Our wonderful patron Darian is working on a Collaborative Action capstone project where we might be able to pill together volunteers and coalition leaders to make Raising Luminaries even more awesome and accessible.
  • Radical Cartographers – In January, I’ll be connecting with a few volunteers to create a map of radical bookstores and storytimes, in our first step to disengage with Amazon (which is hard, the affiliate links I’m using make the site way more accessible for many readers).
  • Philantropy Dominatrix – I’ve connected with Leda E. who will be working with us to create fast-action fundraisers for focused #OwnVoices activists and organizations, similar to this year’s initiative to raise funds with the Decolonizing Childhood Coalition for Immigrant Families Together, and our recent fundraiser that directed cash toward the Wôpanaâk Language Reclamation Fund and the Indigenous Youth Council
  • Local: Can’t just talk about organizing, gotta live it! Lobbying for Indigenous Peoples Day with my parter in local shenanigans & RL Emissary To The Real World, Kerry P., under the guidance of the UAINE. (We settlers are doing the footwork, listening to #ActuallyIndigenous activists on how they would like us to proceed.)
  • Little Feminist Book Club (Affiliate link!) – Working with them monthly to consult on boosting the most inclusive #OwnVoices books we can find.
  • Are you interested in collaborating with us for any of these initiatives? Let me know in the comments!

Composting: Currently Researching & Searching for:

  • Decolonizing & environmentalism in respect to working in cycles of rest & activity
  • Rejection & breaking up – teaching kids to respect the agency & consent of unrequited love & friendship
  • Intersection of gender, disability, capitalism, and race in expectations surrounding emotional labor
  • Futurism (Afrofuturism, disability futures, etc.)
  • Digital minimalism & addictive behavior & capitalism
  • Complicity of performative outrage & false urgency in white supremacy culture
  • Books about screen shaming at the intersection of ableism & classism
  • Books to dismantle unconscious controlling & condescending behavior (ex: Mansplaining)
  • Books about fragility (in prep for our Racism series – pt. 3 about White Fragility)
  • Books dismantling stereotypes about elders
  • Books normalizing secular winter holidays
  • Books about healthy masculinity
  • Inclusive books destigmatizing & validating faith- and identity- based winter traditions (Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, St. Lucia’s, etc.) that go beyond ‘what rituals we do’ into ‘why these rituals matter

What to expect coming up:

  • Our poll results from last week – A full archive naaarrowly won the most votes. So I’m working on that. It’s going to be very complicated, as I’ll be working on creating an auto-generated archive page that includes content from social media. And I’m going to have to brainstorm & implement some new social media procedures to remain accountable & transparent while having everything accessible from that one page.
  • Experiment – I’m going to move all of the stuff I normally post our various social media channels to central posts on the website. Saving time not juggling a billion different audiences and media types might buy me spare time to maintain research, writing, and IT stuff.
  • In January, patrons will get access to a new poll of some sort and post to gather advice on what’s working for you, and what’s not.
  • Patrons will also get a progress report of what’s going on behind the scenes
  • And all folks (public post) will get a recap (like this one) at the end of January on what we got done.
  • Maybe other stuff if I have something I need to tell you.

I like you!

In case you didn’t catch it – THANK YOU! I appreciate the heck out of you, being here, doing the work you’re doing in the world, igniting that next generation of luminaries.

Gosh you worked hard this year. Good job.

– Ashia

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4 observations

Alyssa Messman July 30, 2020 - 10:22 AM

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “disabled futures”? It sounds like something I would be good at helping you find books about, but what are you looking for specifically? Books that depict disabled adults living the kinds of lives they want? Depictions of interdependent communities? Or something else?

Ashia August 2, 2020 - 2:06 PM

I’m still investigating on the concept of ‘futures’ exploration as a function of anti-oppression work. For example – Afrofuturism as a counter-narrative to media that perpetuates harm against Black folks, and Asian Futurism as a spinoff to counter narratives of us as ‘the other’ – what does it mean to cultivate and amplify, in teh words of Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Wild Disability Justice Dreams?

And I’m totally up for a disability collaboration book collection!

Alyssa Messman August 14, 2020 - 7:47 AM

Oh right, I’ve read that essay before! Care Work is one of my favorite books.

Lately, I’ve been working on compiling a list of children’s books featuring disabled parents. Do you want me to send it to you?

Ashia August 14, 2020 - 12:00 PM

Oh my gosh YES – and let’s boost that everywhere!


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