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April 2020 Recap

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Praxis: Practicing Raising Luminaries work at home

Over at Bumblebee Hollow, I’m experimenting with cultivating self-motivation in chores & cleanup now that we’re home with the kids unschooling during school shut downs. As the mom, the mental load still falls to me. So if I want my male-presenting Earthquakes to contribute  without a woman nagging them, we need to accommodate each family member’s executive functioning issues.

So that’s what we’re up to this month. Once we get a handle on that, we’re going to take advantage of being forced to cook at home more and give the Earthquakes more meal-prep responsibilities. I’ve been working on our Food Activism books & searching for the perfect kid’s cookbook to inspire an interest in sustainable, healthy, and ethical meals.

Let’s just survive this, okay?

Which all sounds like we’re being very productive!

Because I left out the part where we leave screens and cheerios scattered on the floor each morning so I can sleep until noon. And then the late night-hours I spend binge-watching tv because I’m too anxious and stressed to do anything else.

I hope you and your family are staying safe. Stay home if you can, provide mutual aid to your local community when/if you have extra, and rally to protect the essential workers who are keeping our families safe and fed. We need you safe so you can use your skills and do-goodery expertise to  spread the power and smash the kyriarchy.

Obligatory info & support button that I have to put here because our people keep demanding it:

If you’re struggling, support your family and use these resources, I am gleefully happy to provide this work for free to support your activism.

Now more than ever, while public schools are closed and caregivers and educators are struggling for accessible resources, we need to keep going. However, if you’re surviving the pandemic without negative effects on your finances, and you learn from this work, please help me support my family while I support yours.

But FIRST please support people who need domestic violence resource organizations as they survive in dangerously isolated situations.

My family will survive the month. Many others won’t unless we take action.

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Book Collections

I don’t want you to feel frazzled or rushed – so both public and private content will be completely free and open to the public through school shut downs or the end of 2020, whichever is longer.

In return, I ask that you maintain some patience and boundaries that we discussed last month when I started free access to all our locked content.

Public Book Collections – New & Updated

Unpolished in-progress lists – New & Updated

Normally Patreon-only, but free to the public during the pandemic. Check out the full collection of Unpolished Book Lists.

Good Finds – New & Updated

Normally Patreon-only, but free to the public during the pandemic. Check out the full collection of Good Finds.

Member Content

Sign up for email updates in your member settings when I post updates on the Patreon posts feed.

Are you financially impacted by Covid 19?

If you are financially impacted by the pandemic and your family is getting hit hard, PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can refund your contributions this month and future ones as they process.

Leave a comment here or send me a Patreon private message, and I’ll refund your contribution as soon as my account balance is high enough (usually the first week of the month).

I submitted a refund for everyone who had requested a refund through March and April on April 1, so you should see that in your account in the next week.

If you need it, please ask for a refund!

Luminary Brain Trust

Luminary-level members, we’re all kind of muddling through the chaos, so I’ve been grateful for your contributions and the amazing and supportive discussions in our Luminary Brain Trust group <3

Live Chat Hangouts

After March’s live hangout, I wrapped up all of my notes on Pretty Salma so everyone can get an idea of how to use this book to arm our kids against coercion and predators.

In April, we hosted two intimate zoom hangouts. One about helping our kids connect through gathering during isolation, and another about using this time to re-assess and armor ourselves against FOMO, busywork, and disaster capitalism after the pandemic is over.

Student Ignition Society

April B. and I have been overwhelmed with the new developments and responsibilities our families are taking on as a result of the pandemic. So new resources are on pause while we struggle to get our heads above water.

Comment below if you are interested in volunteering with:

  • Helping us identify a monthly #OwnVoices organization that supports multiply marginalized students.
  • Coordinating a Student Ignition Society toolkit to help families support local communities during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, check out the Student Ignition Society launchpad, which I haven’t had a chance to update at all this month.

Social Media Highlights

You can find these and more on the feeds of the Books For Littles group & Raising Luminaries page.

Contributions & Accountability

Patreon support is starting to peter out, so I can’t maintain this level of contributions if things don’t pick up. But unless we get a big drop in support, I’ll do my best to continue our support through this year.

To date this month, I’ve directed 32% (record high!) of my Patreon income to:

  • Rosie’s Place: A local women’s shelter
  • The Green Light Project: Harm Reduction effort that provides direct outreach to street-based sex workers and drug users, run by and for targeted people.
  • Chelsea Collaborative: Within the Boston outbreak epicenter, the neighborhood of Chelsea (most residents are people of color, the working poor, and many are undocumented immigrants) is disproportionately affected more than any neighborhood in our state.
  • Planned Parenthood: In honor of my daughter Thisbe, who passed in 2011 and would have taken me with her without medical intervention. So folks with uteruses like me don’t have to die from a miscarriage hemorrhage.
  • Karam Foundation: Refugee youth support
  • Autism Women & Nonbinary Network: Direct micro-grants and outreach for multiply marginalized Autistics.
  • On Patreon: The Broke-Ass Transwoman (nepotism disclosure: this is my step-sister, but I’d support her even if she wasn’t), Black Girl in Maine, Bellamy Shoffner (severely impacted by the shutdowns, please support!), Alice Wong, Ramp Your Voice! with Vilissa, Lydia X. Z. Brown (Autistic Hoya)
  • Direct aid to a local essential worker: In solidarity with the Essential Workers Bill of Rights, we’ve been paying a local mother from Guatemala who supports her family by cleaning houses so she can say home and support a family member with pre-existing conditions since Boston’s lockdown in March.

You can read more about why I started funneling a portion of my income into #OwnVoices orgs before covering the out-of-pocket expenses of running RL in my Accountability Statement.


Stay Curious, Stand Brave & Take a Breath

We are in this together. Our families, our community – we have handled things like this before, and we will take this on again. Take care of yourselves first so you don’t become a liability, (but please don’t hoard, come on people), get your kids to a safe place.

And then once we’ve gained a bit of solid ground – we can launch forward in saving the rest of the world. Cool? Cool.

– Ashia

With a few exceptions when noted, I created all of that stuff you see for you on my own, while managing a disability, and locked up at home with two young kids.

Please support the work I do if you think this kind of advocacy work – often left to disabled women of color to provide for free – is valuable and necessary for human progress.

(BUT DONATE TO A FOOD BANK FIRST because unlike many families, my kids ate lunch today)

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