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January 2020 Recap

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Hi friends!

Happy new year! Are you excited for this new and exciting year of the Rat? I am.

I could use all the cleverness to smash inequality. Nibble away at all that oppression. Om nom.

BUT ALSO: This is your monthly recap update on the stuff we published and worked on this month:

What we accomplished this month:

New & Updated website posts:

Since we paused new content on the website in November & December to regroup and fix up accessibility issues, we’re coming back strong with TWO new book collections. (I tried to do more, but got caught up in New Year prep and family stuff).

Not just any  book collections – but new experiments in publishing collections with the intention to keep them as works-in-progress. I’ll be revisiting these throughout the series to update, polish, and refine the posts as we go. And to add images and stuff like that.

Example: I’ve learned since I published the first two that the use of ‘elder’ is controversial, so at some point I’m going to have to do some linguistic gymnastics to incorporate that new info.

Behind the scenes: Currently working on creating a Student Ignition Society launchpad area  so educators and families can find all our tool kits and resources from a central location.

New & updated unpolished book lists 

New Patreon posts

Luminary Brain Trust

Luminary-level members, come join us! I send the link when you first pledge, but if you missed it, private message me and I’ll send it over.

  • Working through exercises: Exploring how to spend less emotional labor and energy on bullshit so we can become…dangerous.
  • Revisiting the pod community series: cultivating a community for our kids
  • Book club discussions: Born a Crime, Fresh off the Boat, Do Less, Step Into Your Power

Student Ignition Society

Social Media

I tried (failed!) to keep all of our original content on the website so we can get away from most of our content only being accessible for Facebook members. Turns out that is hard, since making a FB post takes like 10 minutes and a website post takes hours.

Baby steps though, we’ve got this whole clever year to figure it out. For now, I’m settling for only posting new book lists and reviews on the website. Meanwhile – here are the highlights that ended up on social media that didn’t make it onto the website:

Composting: Currently Researching & Searching for:

  • Healthy masculinity
  • Mansplaining vs. bossiness (that gender divide on being rude & controlling vs. outspoken and firm!)
  • Black Futures
  • Frustration from being little, helping sensitive kindergartners manage explosive anger (our current family challenge)
  • Ageism against older adults (compiling a comprehensive syllabus of resources in addition to the upcoming book collections, will share when it’s presentable)
  • Honoring ancestors, death positivity

What to expect coming up:

Next week, we’ll talk about the topics we’ll be digging into in February!

Also: for Massachusetts state residents, we’re working on our real-world decolonizing work under the guidance of the UAINE. I’m rushing now to get stuff done before the kids get home, but I’ll add some links in the comments later tonight, for how you can help.

You Rock!

You know, none of this would be possible without every single one of you. You are…amazing. And Magical. I appreciate the fact that you’re on this planet, raising awesome kiddos and leading this next generation of kind, clever and innovative leaders.

Thanks for being great. And being with me on this.

I’m wondering – what kinds of cleverness can we get up to together in this year of the Rat?

(This is both a fun thing to ponder and an opportunity for discussion. Leave a comment if you catch thoughts.)

– With you,

Quick actions for Massachusetts Residents:

Quick action step. #1: Super easy

Hey Massachusetts Decolonizers!

An Indigenous People’s Day bill is currently sitting in the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.

MA residents: add your name to the petition:

Statewide Indigenous Peoples Day Bill


Send an email in support of Indigenous Peoples Day in Massachusetts. An Indigenous People’s Day bill is currently sitting in the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.

Write to the Committee showing your support!

This link has a sample email, all you have to do is add your name:

Statewide Indigenous Peoples Day Bill

Action Step #3 for MA decolonizers:

Email your State Legislators (click through to find them) to let them know you support the Massachusetts Indigenous Legislative Agenda

This nifty link will provide you with their email addresses and, if you are not confident in your persuasive writing skills, even generate emails for you

Contact your legislators to support the MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda!

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