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Autism Acceptance Cram School Syllabus

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Autism Acceptance Cram School Syllabus

[Image description: Q with a big tooth-missing grin, his eyes closed and his arms folded behind his head. His green shirt features a rainbow symbol and the words ‘Noncompliant AF.’ We got this shirt from the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library, proceeds went to support ADAPT]

Autism Acceptance Cram School


this is where I am storing my notes. For now, it’s just parked here as an unpolished pile of…stuff for patreon supporters.

I ran out of time this year, so I’ll clean them up….another time.


What is the Social Model of Disability?

Disability isn’t the problem, ableism is the problem
The Red Lemon – FB book review
Ableism is forcing the individual to adapt to a hostile enviroment. Inclusion is adapting the environment to suit all participating individuals.
Ableism is one head of the kyriarchy hydra & the medical model of disability is it’s faaavorite weapon.

Acceptance v. Awareness (negativity)

Ableism enforces the perception that disability (and disabled people) are bad:
Acceptance means:

Destigmatizing Autism

You Don’t Look Autistic

What autism really is

For newbies, recently diagnosed

AWNN parent welcome packet for newly diagnosed kids

What is neurodiversity?

Comment from lee & low autism warrior parent confusing  autism with neurodiversity & slamming neurodivergent advocacy
Symbollism (Blue/puzzle piece v #RedInstead, Gold (Au), #ToneItDownTaupe)
Rainbow infinity neurodiversity symbol

Is Autism a disability?

3 Reasons To Say ‘Disability’ instead of ‘Special Needs’

Trope of super-power/gift/differently-abled to erase systemic ableism & obstacles

Evil crip & inspiration porn – two sides of the same supremacist coin, we’ll talk about victims & saviors below

Meltdown Bingo, by Shain

destigmatizing disability book collection

Centering Autistic Voices

Presuming Competence

Autistics can be assholes, misogynists & white supremacists
  • Brooklyn Becky, white autistics in black spaces & avoiding accountability
  • boys will be boys
  • Neurotribes – Indigenous appropriation, unnecessary racial slurs, erasure of autistics of color
Ableism of ‘mental age’
  • Infantilizing adults with disabilities, paternalism (hard and soft)
  • See disabled folks as innocent, oblivious, and good-natured doofs

Getting shut down screenshots – for being too autistic to self-advocate

hold us accountable, demand accountability, demand we do better (ASAN leadership)

Abled Saviors

101 intersectional feminism
passing the mic (see below for inclusion)
WI patreon post (#3?) beyond victims & saviors

Disability rights  history

erasure of rosa parks, ST, HT’s disabilities (see Kerima’s Intersected & Finn Gardener’s NOS posts)
How to pass the mic, below


Tokenizing disability in the media (token wheelchair users in kidlit)
Neurodiversity Libraries
Autistic Adult Mentors & Consultants (always falls flat cause allistics only value allistic labor) – Queer Eye for Allistic parents post from Giraffe party
Neurodivergent Narwhals
Autistic Neurodiversity rights activists


FB Pages (autistic run)

Exploitation & how stigma creates profits

Autism Speaks & how do you profit?

Support Groups

The danger of allistic-parent run & centered spaces

I haven’t visited these groups in a loooong time, and groups tend to turn toxic quick (or die out from admin burnout) so vet carefully

For parents of Autistic kids, run by Autistic adults

Respectfully Connected

For Librarians, run by Autistic librarians

Neurodiversity Librarians

For BIPOC Autistic People

This exists, but it’s a secret group and members need to be vetted. Reach out to me if you’re an autistic person of color who would like to join.


To keep your kids safe, to raise them to their full potential, to embrace entire community, not just your child’s sub-group.
Races of late/misdiagnosis for multiply marginalized autistics
Ada Twist FB post – the frustrating patience required to meet folks where they’re at



  • autism = toxic masculinity (JER) NOPE NOPE NOPE
    • Netflix atypical, Sheldon Cooper, etc.
  • will touch on masking for exposure anxiety/emotional labor, increased rates of suicidality in passing autistic women, nonbinary folks & femmes
  • Ramp Your Voice & Vilissa Thompson (transparency: BFL supports on Patreon), Kerima Cevik’s interview


  • Single parents, accessibility, education segregation
  • homeschooling


Multiply disabled

  • Video by Deaf Autistic – where did that go?
  • Sins Invalid


  • [Many] Autistics have sex!
  • Lack of sexual education for autistics
    • 7x victims of sexual abuse
    • Discuss ABA & compliance grooming later

WI: exponential challenges


Divide & Destroy

Temple Grandin’s white/savant/wealthy washing
Buying our value as humans
Compensating for the sin of being disabled
Who has the opportunity to become a savant? – Raises privileged autistics at the expense and erasure of less privileges autistics
spectrummy post (dropbox screenshot) with abelist language, savant-ism, tone policing
Inspiration Porn
treating autistic artists like painting elephants
Prom & basic human decency
Functional Labels
The supremacist label of ‘aspergian/aspergers’ (Note: Aspergers is still a formal diagnosis outside the US, although widely accepted by neurodiversity advocates as a bullshit label.)
Passing privilege & masking
On the spectrum
low/high functioning
Erasure of both
Nonspeaking Autistics
William Hoy archives
Ernest the Moose
Ricky the Rock Who Couldn’t Roll
Compliance vs. accommodations
Communication devices
Screen shaming
Building inclusive/brave spaces
Acknowledging invisible/ socially acceptable disabilities
stigmatized interdependence, paul erdös
No safe spaces
Compensating autistic experts (not autism experts)
Default to folks who need most supports
Clear procedures & followup
Flash photography, sign-language interpreters, image descriptions, ramps, lighting, sound, anonymous feedback forms, childcare
7am target on a Tuesday morning 3x/year isn’t inclusive
We won’t need segregated spaces if an event is truly inclusive
Understanding, Acceptance & Accommodations
  • Splines
  • Didn’t someone do a tendril comic about this?
  • Unhooking & processing patience
  • Executive functioning
  • Language matters, understand the importance of being pedantic
  • Not mind readers
  • Denying AAC/Screens/sign language
  • Exposure Anxiety
  • Masking
  • Scripts & mimicry

Sensory Processing

  • Stigmatizing & shaming stim toys
  • Not okay to tell us to get over it
When things go to shit
  • Spoons – Phileas’s fortune
  • Meltdowns & how to support



Creating Inclusive Classrooms
Racial discrimination in special ed & lack of special ed teachers of color
Centering & supporting disabled educators
Violence against disabled kids: Restraint & seclusion, handcuffs, cops
trauma informed classrooms
Desegregating Education & Housing
Segregated housing for the wealthy (see Intersected)
The Cliff
Education rights book collection
Labor rights book collection
Being a good friend
Familiar spaces
see FB post about meeting in bars
Assuming generosity of intent
Less crowds
sensory overwhelm
clear, explicit communication on feelings
literal communication
introducing yourself (prosopagnosia)
Patience for reticulating splines & unhooking
Open thread – what do you wish allistic friends would do?
Beware of collectors: paying for friendship with helpfulness
nice guys

The Impact of Ableism

Emotional labor
  • Stimming, Stimtastic
  • Toneitdown taupe
  • why johnny doesn’t flap
  • The NT wife

Current Threats

Parental/Educator Fragility

MLK’s white moderate
Coercion, Consent & Grooming
ABA abuse
vett these, unread:
  • https://theaspergian.com/2019/03/28/invisible-abuse-aba-and-the-things-only-autistic-people-can-see/
  • https://theaspergian.com/2019/03/27/is-aba-really-dog-training-for-children-a-professional-dog-trainer-weighs-in/
  • I abused children and so do you (find htat link somewhere)
Human Rights & Torture
  • Disability day of mourning
  • Please don’t murder us
  • Autism speaks video of mom explaining murder-suicide in front of her daughter
  • Eugenics

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