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Can I pick your brain?

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“Hi! I’m sliding into your DMs to tell you that I have a problem with / really enjoy [BOOK TITLE].”

“I was wondering if you could take a few hours to purchase that book, read it, analyze it, and personally educate me about it.”

Do I want to do that? YES.

Do I have time and spoons for that? Nope!

The easiest way to ask me about a specific book is to make a comment on the website on a book collection where that book is relevant.* That way, if I reply, everyone learns from it.

The worst way to ask me about specific books is to hunt down my personal contact information to ask for a free, private tutoring lesson on critical book analysis. Inappropriate! More than a little creepy and invasive!

The best way to pick my brains is to pay me for my work, and nerd out about about books with me and like-minded nerds is to join the Luminary Brain Trust and start a discussion post!

If you really, absolutely must keep our discussion private, you can book a private consultation. If this education is so valuable to you that it’s worth googling my home address and hunting down my secret social media page, it’s worth paying for, right?


*Since some of our unpolished rough-draft posts were originally created for paying memoers of the Luminary Brain Trust, I didn’t include commenting functionality. And then I opened them up for free public view to help educators through Covid. It’d take forever to individually retroactively turn comments on each post, so I apologize if you want to comment on a book collection, but can’t. Commenting is also not available on our Raising Luminaries Bookstore, since I don’t control how Bookshop.org does their thing.

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