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Early childhood educators for social justice

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Connect with progressive educators like you in our free online support community.

Simple 5-minute actions make a big impact on accessible and quality of education for national and local kids.

Student tools, lesson plans, and peer-reviewed resources to cut your lesson planning time in half.

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Connect with enthusiastic educators dedicated to creating inclusive learning practices and a social-justice-oriented curriculum.
[Share ideas, ask questions, examine your internalized bias, and find accountability partners, list what we do here?] to [ultimate ego goal of educators?]

You need resources to steward uncomfortable classroom, administration, and parent-facing conversations that help kids unpack internalized bias.

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“For anyone struggling with how to talk about the detention of immigrants at the border with your kids, I found the Student Ignition Society Immigration Solidarity Toolkit really helpful.”


– Carly M.H.


“Please support this fantastic resource! The Student Ignition Society is doing so much work to help educators and our community!”


– Laurel C. W.


“Wondering about how to talk to your kids about the history of Columbus and Indigenous people and genocide? Want to start a framework for telling the truth about American history? Here is a great toolkit. We can do it.”


– Elizabeth S.


  • The Student Ignition Society was founded in 2019 by April B. (The Dean of Rebellious Educators) and Ashia R. (Head Custodian of Cahoots) to support educators within the Raising Luminaries community.
  • This is where we’ll add a contact form, when I find a volunteer to handle contacty things. Until then, you can connect with us in the Student Ignition Society Facebook Group.
  • As a sub-set of the Raising Luminaries community, we adhere to the Raising Luminaries  Accountability Guidelines. Behave accordingly in this space. (Or misbehave accordingly. I guess it depends on the situation.)
  • This page was last updated on 02/15/20 by Ashia R.

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