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Raising Luminaries – Content Archives

This page is where you can find a comprehensive list of all the non-social media articles and resources I’ve created for Raising Luminaries, Books For Littles & The Student Ignition Society.

Public Book Collections

Free & accessible for all

Articles on why you should care about smashing the kyriarchy and how to get started by reading books with your kids. I sporadically* update these collections with new books and updates about problematic issues. So check back on your favorites once a year or so. Or sign up for Patreon updates, where I send monthly recaps on which lists I’ve published and updated.


Monthly progress updates, free & accessible for all

Maker Spotlights & Guest Writers

Interviews, special features & highlights, free & accessible for all

Student Ignition Society Toolkits

Free & accessible for all

Family Action Toolkits created in collaboration with members of the Student Ignition Society

Student Ignition Society Launchpad Home Page

Patreon Articles

About 3/4 of these are accessible for all Patreon tiers, with some articles open to the public.

I have to update this list each month by hand,* so please be patient. If you want free email notifications when I post new content here, it’s free to follow me on Patreon (scroll down after clicking the link, or register for a free account).

Non-paying followers can sign up for email notifications when I post public content, but only supporters get notifications for the exclusive stuff.

Is this embedded Google sheet accessible for screen readers? If not, and you know a good workaround* to make this more accessible, please leave a comment below.

Unpolished Book Lists

Accessible for Patreon Collaborator supporters and up.

Patreon community members who support this work at the Collaborator tier (or above) get access to my book-lists-in-progress. This is where I toss together big, clunky lists of books, prefaced with things you should know about the topics at hand. When possible, I polish these up and upgrade them to public book collections, but that’s rare since it takes a good deal of time.*

Good Finds Book Lists

Accessible for Patreon Collaborator supporters and up.

Putting a pause on these for a little bit until I can find the time to make more. (*Pssst: Anyone want to take over some busywork so I can make more book lists?)

Uncut Maker Interviews

Accessible for Patreon Collaborator supporters and up.

These are the unedited original responses from the makers we feature in our public Maker Spotlights.


Accessible for Patreon Collaborator supporters and up.

This is where we’ll be compiling articles and lists by our seasonal topics, as an alternative to spreading everything out through multiple social media channels and the website.

Facebook Content

Unfortunately, before 2020, most of my original content was published in Facebook posts. I don’t have a way to create an archived list of links to each of these posts, because Facebook is the worst. Moving forward, I’ll be concentrating original content to this website and the Patreon feed, which should make accessing new stuff easier, at least.

Thanks for your patience while I search for a helper* to move our archives onto the website!

Update 1/11/20: Patreon members can get access to my social media posting calendar (which includes links to social media archives) in my monthly Progress Report updates. (Perk!) I’ll find a smoother way for patrons to unlock this document once I create a Member Portal* on this website.

Visit the Raising Luminaries Facebook Page

Welcoming everyone (free & public)

Learn about #OwnVoices activists, organizations, and deeper companion articles for the books and topics we discuss with our kids.

Join the Books For Littles Facebook Group

Welcoming parents, family & educators of young kids (free)

Parents, family, and educators with young kids can find original articles and my older book critiques (2014-2019) and follow along when I post new content on the website (2020+). New members must respond to the application questions and be approved by our admins for the safety of our community.

When I get my wits together to organize our secret Facebook Moderators* group, we might start to host guided discussions to discuss topics where members can crowd-source advice and share book suggestions to connect with other members. But right now, I just don’t have the spoons to facilitate this.

Join the Luminary Brain Trust

Welcoming Luminary tier supporters and up (pledges must be active to participate)

As a perk for making my work possible and free for everyone else, Luminaries, Co-Conspirators, and Illuminati supporters get access to our private Facebook group where we’re tacking in-depth discussions, troubleshooting challenges, and getting into cahoots together. I host two guided posts each week, where we explore ways to keep our personal activism and kid-raising work sustainable. Members are encouraged to start your own conversations and ask me questions here.

I’m not going to include a link here because it makes me super uncomfortable to have to decline new member requests from strangers. But when you become a contributor, I send happy welcomes & invite links via Patreon private message within a few days. (Message me on Patreon if you’re already a contributor and need the link).

Join the Student Ignition Society Facebook Group

Welcoming educators (free)

Rebellious Educators connect here! Kyriarchy-smashing educators start discussions, brainstorm, share lesson plans and tips – and collaborate to create our Family Action Toolkits.

This group is run by our Dean of Rebellious Educators, April B., and she totally rocks it. But if you’re looking for ways to share your educator wisdom, volunteer to help her lead and collaborate!*

Join the Moderators of Raising Luminaries Group

Welcoming accomplices & volunteers

This is where we tackle tricky topics on managing conflict in our online spaces. Most often, it’s me asking for help on how to navigate white fragility and ableism so I don’t burn out. Also cute cat gifs. We’re currently working on strategies and procedures to make running Raising Luminaries less emotionally taxing so I can focus on content and less on appeasing Aggressive Readers With Good Intentions.

Not including a link in this one, since it’s a secret group. But comment below if you’re interested and would like to join – I can send you a link.

Benevolent Incendiary Society Newsletter

I no longer send out an email newsletter – so time consuming! So expensive! But here are the archives from those campaigns.

Sitemap of Everything Else


This should be a self-updating page. But leave a comment below if you find any bugs.

*Sometimes folks want to know how they can support the movement so I do less busywork and focus on content. If you’re eagerly waiting for me to get to these updates/features (or want them to happen at all), and you have 5-10 minutes to spare for volunteering each month, let me know in the comments. I’ll even give you a fancy title – like Agitator Archivist of Badassery, or something like that.

Last updates made 1/11/20. – AR.

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