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Do you have book lists for older kids (Ages 10+?)

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I don’t recommend books I can’t personally screen. That would  be unethical (and childism!) for me as a grown-up to recommend kids books without running them by *actual* kids. Since my oldest became an earthing in 2021, I try to avoid recommending anything for much older kids and be transparent when a book is too advanced for my kids.

However, many of our readers are parents of pre-teens, and are even college professors who use our work to demonstrate the topics we discuss. The picture-book format makes for a short and easy lesson. Picture books are nailing it these days. Some of them have a depth of complexity beyond most of the adult literature I read on the side.

We focus on picture books and reading with young kids to take advantage of anti-child bias and the ageism embedded in western society. The topics we discuss are radical, but we slip in under the radar of white supremacists, incels, and eugenicists, because they think a few exhausted parents and their little kids aren’t a threat.

But oh. We are a threat. We got some Sun Tzu battle-strategy up in here.

Also – at some point, the ‘Littles‘ in ‘Books for Littles‘ starts to lose meaning if we’re writing for older kids. Why would you come to a website called ‘Books for Littles’ in search of a book for your teenager! That is so weird! Teenagers are HUGE! So I’m gonna do a hard cap at age 10, and we’ll figure something out for older kids when we get there.

But if that’s not satisfying enough – I do have a short reference list of books I liked, and am looking forward to reading with my kids when they’re old enough. To tide you over. Check out our Big Kid Book Club (10+) list on our Bookshop store page.

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