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Can you review/feature my book?

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Nope. Sorry!

99% of the books I screen are dreadfully bland, contain problematic messages, or are just not a good fit for our mission. My standards ridiculous. Lots of awkwardness and unpaid emotional labor having to gently explain why I’m not gonna feature your book. No thanks!

I don’t do paid reviews, because eww. How could our community trust me if I’m gonna boost books written by the highest bidder? Seriously – yuck.

However – if your book isn’t published yet, and you’re looking to avoid pitfalls (your book doesn’t have to be bland, problematic, or irrelevant!), book a consultation and I can give you advice on how to make the kind of book I’d LOVE to feature in Books for Littles.

Even if you hire me for a consult or contribute to support this site – assume I won’t feature your book here. Our shared goal is to raise kind & courageous kids, not to direct our community to makers with the most cash to spare.

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