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Friday Failure Party

How we failed & what we learned

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Welcome to our Friday Failure Party!

What did you mess up this week?

Let's talk about what we learned!


Double-click anywhere in the padlet, drag files in, paste from your clipboard, or click the pink ‘+’ on the bottom right of the padlet. Be sure to add your name unless you’d like to post anonymously.

You can add many types of media, including images and audio files.

Not sure what to share? Find posting guidelines, add questions & advice below.

  • – Failing to live up to your ideals (both unrealistic and realistic)
  • – Parenting fails
  • – Inability to adult
  • – Letting folks down
  • – Saying something awkward
  • – Embarrassing yourself
  • – Causing harm to others


  • We’re not excusing or minimizing the impact or harm we cause when we fail.
  • But we can make space to force ourselves through the cringe, the guilt, and the shame so we can make amends and learn to do better next time.
  • If you’re dealing with sensitive information, particularly for harming others and self-harm, include a content warning.
  • Consider linking to a google doc (set sharing permissions to public) instead of writing potentially triggering text right in the bulletin board.
  • A non-exhaustive list of material that should include a content warning: 
  • – Blood, guts & needles
  • – Substance use & abuse
  • – Physical or emotional abuse
  • – Child abandonment
  • – Housing and/or food insecurity
  • This is a space where we take acknowledge & reconcile our own actions.
  • Usually failures happen in bunches, and there are no perfect villains. While we don’t have to erase or minimize the harm we’ve faced that led to our decisions, let’s primarily focus on what we personally control.

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How can we make our Friday Failure Parties even better?

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