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January 26, 2024

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7 Generations Ritual Map

How do your family rituals affirm your values? Which traditions bridge the gap between who your family comes from, and who you are becoming? Which are you ready to let go of - and how are you setting the course for new ones?

Hi friends!

Good news! I’m being lazy!

:: raucous cheering ::

In keeping with the deep freeze of the coldest week of the year, my brain has slowly crystallized into a blue, brain-shaped ice cube in my head.

It’s resting comfortably on the top of my spine, causing my sinuses to tingle. (This is a metaphor, I’m not dying.)

My brain’s sluggish and all froze up. I’m just blinking sleepily as deadlines, plans, and ‘to-do’ tasks as they float peacefully past – like little ice floes in a strong current.

We can just pretend that my failure to meet deadlines and refusal to push beyond my limits is ‘resisting hustle culture,’ in keeping with praxis in our Winter Incubator.

The good news is this gives you a chance to catch up on other stuff.

I…uhhh…planned it this way? ::convincing stare::

We’re showing up within our unique capacities, resisting the urge to perform with itchy underpants. Creating space for doing less is part of the work! 

Seriously it’s just toooo damn cold to be juggling all this busywork.

Best to give you all a chance to catch up on the stuff I already made. Or to nudge you a little closer to that warm cup of cocoa and nap you’ve been yearning for.

Soon enough, spring will be here and I’ll be throwing more stuff  at you.

(pretty my brain will defrost before march. maybe.)

Meanwhile, enjoy this bonus activity I created for this year’s Winter Incubator.

I could infodump all day (for 6 weeks, actually, hence the Incubator) on how family rituals affect the brain, a sense of belonging, and affirm our commitment to justice.

But you don’t have time for that, and my brain is too sluggish to do it justice. For now – enjoy!

As the horrors grow in Palestine, it's hard not to freeze up and check out. Here's how to keep going:

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With you,

– Ashia

PS: Look back on 2024 with satisfaction – start tracking your Little Wins & Tiny Accomplishments while the year is still young!

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