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November 2020 Resource Roundup

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Hi friends!

Yesterday we shut down the last of our public social media accounts, and honestly? I feels like I just walked out of a really toxic job that paid nothing and I FEEL AMAZING.

Now that we no longer have that outlet to share non-kidlit related articles, updates, and boost folks getting up to good trouble, we need a new way to share! Also my kids quit school this month, so now I have to find a way to manage Raising Luminaries, Books for Littles, and lesson planning and this is my imperfect attempt to mush all of it together?

So welcome to this new experiment – which could be a one-and-done situation, or if you like it, we can continue this on a regular basis. Let me know in the comments!

What we discuss with the kids in November

Over in Bumblebee Hollow, here are the themes and events we discuss with the Earthquakes, along with a very brief resource for those of you who need simple, practical steps to keep pushing.

November is Indigenous Heritage Month

Care & Resistance for targeted families through election season

  • White folks: Support our friends at Wee The People’s Workshops 4 Reparations. Sign up for the workshops for you and your kiddos (and share it with your friends) to support BIPOC through the stress of this election cycle. BIPOC – maybe nudge your white friends to collect their own and spread the word.
  • For targeted families – Reflection Press has a guide for parents and educators supporting  young kids targeted through this month of racist aggression, ableist schooling, loss of LGBTQiA2S+ and immigrant protections,  uncertainty, housing an food scarcity, voter and speech suppression, and mourning, into one of resilience, and strength.
  • Graeme Seabrook is supporting parents who identify as mothers in the Mom Center through these times when mothers are being disproportionately pushed out of the workforce, left to fill gaps in education, childcare, housing, and healthcare.

11/1 Autistics Speaking Day

  • Quick resource: Pass the Mic, by Autistic, Typing, who put a lot of work into collecting, vetting, and compiling a list of BIPOC Autistics to follow and learn from
  • For when you need a laugh: The Neurotypical Wife – run by an anonymous multiracial Autistic parent whom I know and adore – a  writer who parodies the ableist nonsense of Autism Warrior Parents as an Autistic wife talking about her non-Autistic husband who suffers tragically from a lack of neurodivergence.
  • Old but still relevant: Back in 2016, I participated in my first ever Autistics Speaking Day, in one of my first public articles openly disclosing my Autistic identity. Something about it feels embarrassing? But for those who are still nervous about internalized ableism and unapologetically demanding acceptance for the first time – I wanted to let you know I get it – it’s scary.

11/3 Election Day(z)

  • Over in our last-minute-cobbled-together home-school units, which I slap together and record our conversation topics weekly, we’re continuing to discuss elections, government, and what exactly ‘civics‘ is (all that money for college and genuinely don’t know the actual definition of that word!  Gonna google it now!)
  • We compiled a short kidlit reading list to support discussions on elections, democracy, and the US government.
  • We voted early, but will discuss this through the election season, while it’s all in the air.

11/14 Bandhi Chhor Diwas & Diwali

11/20 Trans Day of Resilience

11/26 Indigenous Day of Mourning

  • Learn the history of the National Day of Mourning, the day formally recognized by the US as Thanksgiving in this video from our friend Annawon Weeden (Mashpee Wompanoag) – content warning for ruthless violence against Indigenous people, including children.
  • Learn how to support the 50th resistance event in the birthplace of this violence for Indigenous Day of Mourning with the UAINE. This year’s event will be accessible to folks who can’t show up in Plymouth in person!
  • And of course, we’ll be revisiting our kidlit collection on the roots of year-round Indigenous Thanksgiving and the colonist appropriation, twist, and celebration of genocide that the US celebrates today.

If, like me, you grew up loving (colonist) Thanksgiving as a time of family connection and gratitude – you don’t have to give that up.

Maybe shift it to another day that has the same meaning, like we did. Our family now pours all of that hope and connection and joy into reclaiming our roots with the  Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. For my Irish fam – you can swap over to a more traditional version of Samhain. My Canadian friends celebrate Canada’s Thanksgiving (which I hear is a little less blood-thirsty?) Lots of perks! It’s warmer! It doesn’t come with all the stress and baggage! And once the pandemic is over, traveling for the holiday will be much easier!

What I’m saying is. You are creative and smart. So I’m sure you and your kids have a right to celebrate gratitude, generosity, and family resilience in a way that has meaning to you.

Just – for those of us who are complicit in colonizing and settling Turtle Island, this shouldn’t be the day we do it.

One Good Thing…

This week, I took some good advice and did nothing important for a solid 10 minutes – sat my ass down and petted some bumblebees!

But the bumblebees were like ‘Ugh, dude, buzz off!’



Stay Curious, Stand Brave & Care for Your Body

If my work makes it easier for you to raise kind & courageous kiddos, you can click this awesome button and support my work so I can keep it free for everybody and feed my kids. Win-win!

BUT FIRST – WHITE PARENTS, EDUCATORS, ADMINISTRATORS, CLINICIANS sign up for WORKSHOPS 4 REPARATIONS: Wee The People’s educational workshop & fundraising action to bring wellness and bodywork reparations to Black and Brown folks in Boston community health centers.

Transparency: I’m gonna have to admit here that I am out of money this month, and as a person of color who can’t afford yoga classes or bodywork myself, this the first call-to-donate I’m not going to personally contribute to. But for those who can afford yoga classes & gym subscriptions – please spread the love!

Become a Patron! or venmo @Raising-Luminaries for a one-time contribution to support my work.

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