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2021 Best Kids Books For Littles

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 Jenny Mei is Sad (ages 4-8)

jenny mei is sadFor fans of The Rabbit Listened and Noah the Narwhal, who need a more concrete narrative for literal thinkers, Jenny Mei is Sad is a short and sweet story for kids who want to support a friend through a tough time.

It’s a ‘best practice’ example for supportive friendship, whether a friend is processing trauma, a big change, or a chronic mental health rough patch.

What I loved most about this book is, like Noah the Narwhal, we accept and validate the experience of people who can still function in everyday life. Those who feel pressured to hide mental health conditions, who maintain a smile to avoid rocking the boat – and those who must still show up and shit done. We still need and deserve support, understanding, and space to lose the façade. We still need friends who aren’t rushing us to ‘get better‘ or feel and behave differently than we do right now. Mad rights!

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