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August 2019 Recap

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Good Finds for August 2019 & Sneaky September Shenanigans

Hi friends!

I didn’t even realize this until I finished the collection, but it turns out multiracial Asian representation is on FIRE!

These were the books that the Earthquakes read over and over and over and over again through the late spring and early summer. Most of them we just happened to get while I was researching AAPI month, so it’s interesting that so many of the authors who chose to depict multiracial Asians & Pacific Islanders also happened to create great, engaging stories.

Anyhoo – click here now for a full rundown and analysis of our favorite books this month with links to make an Amazon reading list.

Or if you’re in a rush, here’s a quick list to cut and paste.

  • Sumo Joe (Wenjen)
  • Pie In The Sky (Lai)
  • Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild (Fox)
  • When Aidan Became A Brother (Lukoff)
  • Ogilvy (Underwood)
  • Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup (Mayer)
  • I Wasn’t Invited To The Party (Isern)
  • Grandpa’s Stories (Coelho)
  • Jacob’s Room To Choose (Hoffman)
  • Where Are You From? (Méndez)

Click here to read the full collection.

Coming up in September

Does it feel like I’ve been MIA? I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN NOT DOING ENOUGH!

On the BFL website:

I’m working on a new type of post for the website that centers an #OwnVoices perspective – particularly because so many of the identities we’re learning about are outside my lived experience.

I’m currently working with Liz Latty (see previous posts) to create an adoptee-centered booklist to dismantle stereotypes and erasure.

I originally planned for this to come out on Sept 1 – but I want to do this justice, so it might be a little later in September than I had hoped. But it will be here, and it will be great.

I had also been working on a book collection about environmentalism. And I’ve got lots of stuff for it, but just need to find a quiet space and like 30 hours to sit down and work it all out. That got pushed off since I’m so excited about this adoptee-centering and our recent Bharat Babies spotlight.

Thank you for being awesome and patient!

In The Luminary Brain Trust

Meanwhile, over in the Luminary Brain Trust, Luminary-level patreon supporters have started a new book club thingie for adults and older kids focused on authors of color. So far we’re reading ‘Birdie’ by Tracey Lindberg and ‘For Black Girls Like Me’ by Mariama J. Lockington.

Both are amazing, so if you’re a Luminary tier or above, come join us!

On social media

I am trying VERY HARD (and often failing) to experiment with a social media fast over the summer.

Currently thinking about – when I start up again in the autumn, what do you want to get from it?

Currently working on – creating new post and commenting guidelines and organizing some of our awesome members in collaborative action so we can work together and host more discussions, and have some of our channels it be less lecture-y.

I’d LOVE to de-center myself in these spaces and turn them into places to connect and collaborate. working on it!


BFL is getting featured on an upcoming Mother’s Quest Podcast, thanks to the super patient and kind Julie Lieberman Neale and amazing firebrand Carly Magnus Hurt.

I honestly had no idea how badly I’d crash and burn because this is totally outside my language skills, but the host, Julie, was so patient and kind and it was a blast. Stay tuned, I’ll post an update when that goes live.


Oh oh oh and and and – the amazing awesome Cindy Wang Brandt, host of the progressive & intersectional Parenting Forward Podcast and author of the new book (also called Parenting Forward) – and also a BFL patreon supporter because she is amazing – is hosting what is looking like a REALLY AMAZING LINEUP of speakers for an upcoming parenting conference.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m one of the speakers!

The whole thing is digital so you can grab a couple friends to make it a party and listen from home. Tune in live to get access and answers from these super smart people in real-time. Or listen to recordings later, if you want. Cindy has been busting her tuchus to make this extraordinarily accessible for as many parents as possible.

Click here and register before September 1 to get early bird pricing ($20 now, $39 after Sept. 1).

This sounds super markety, but it’s actually a ridonculously good deal and I genuinely think you’ll enjoy it, even if you’re Agnostic like me, or otherwise non-Christian.

Join me live on Thursday, Sept 26th at 7PM EST and ask mequestions! I need some of you in the audience because talking to hundreds (thousands?) of people around the world live is YIKES OH MY GOSH.

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