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What do ALL feminists have in common? A social justice flap book for our youngest activists

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Baby Feminists: A Lift The Flap Book

Board Book & Interactive Books, Best for ages 6 months – 6 years

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I didn’t think a board book could engage my 4-year-old…

…but R2 has asked to read this Baby Feminists every single day for over a month now.

The trick is to act completely surprised every time he lifts a flap.

Before she became a leader, RBG was…a famous lawyer? Head of her class? A toaster? TELL ME – WHAT WAS SHE?!

OH MY GOSH NO WAY, I never would have expected even the great and powerful RBG was a BABY! Just like you were! Just like me!

Does that mean….even WE could go on to become luminaries who smash the kyriarchy TOO?!

This is your go-to book for…

  • Toddlers & Preschoolers
    Let’s say… 6 months through 6 years. The flaps are easy for infants working on fine motor control, but the premise just gets funnier as kids get older.
  • Baby shower gifts
    For future-parents with a sense of humor.
  • First-bedtime book of the night.
    It’s enticing enough to draw kids into the bedtime story transition, but since we do a lot of giggling and mock-surprise goofing, this is the kind of book that riles kids up, not down. Best to pull this out as bait, and then transition to a slow and sleeping book right after.
  • Pediatrician waiting rooms.
    I would switch pediatricians over something like this.

I’d collect this in a book basket with…





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Are these makers #OwnVoices?

Author: Libby Babbott-Klein (she/her)
Illustrator: Jessica Walker (she/her)

Sure, let’s call this #OwnVoices. The book is about babies who grow up to be feminists. And I am pretty sure both of these makers are former babies.

Learn more about #OwnVoices, coined by Corinne Duyvis.

How we calculate the overall awesomeness score of books.


Transparency & Cahoots!

I borrowed a copy of this book from our local library (which we support with donations) and screened it with my kiddos at age 4 & 6.

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