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Join The Movement: #FamilySummer4BlackLives

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[Image description: Grayscale photo of three children I perceive to be Black & feminine leading a crowd of protestors. Two wear handkerchiefs over their faces to prevent the spread of Covid 19. The youngest child speaks into a bullhorn. Text reads “To Minneapolis, With Love / Love Letters 4 Black Lives 6/28/20.” A graphic of an envelope with a heart scribbled over it sits on top of the hashtags #FamilySummer4BlackLives & #LoveLetters4BlackLives. On the top right, we see the yellow and orange sun logo of the ‘Summer Of Action!’ initiative. Image provided by Revolutionary Humans by Bellamy Shoffner.]

Imagine twenty years from now – when our kids will look back and remember the Summer of 2020.

What they will remember is – through all the pain and hardship and death – they did something good. They had a hand in changing the world for the better.

This could be the summer that changes everything.

Join us for our FREE summer-long virtual initiative. Each month, families with young kids will gather for one at-home* collaborative action.

We’ll provide the resources and tools you need, and you never have to leave home to participate. From virtual watch parties, reflection prompts, family guided discussion supports, and more. Events will be social-distance safe, easy for overwhelmed caregivers to coordinate, and neurodiverse, and sensory-friendly.

By the end of this summer, families who are feeling lost and overwhelmed talking about the racial injustice in the world will affirm: WE ARE AN ANTI-RACIST FAMILY AND WE ARE TAKING ACTION.


By September 2020, your kids will be able to answer with pride:

  • Who are we? What is my racial identity?
  • How do I use my feelings about racial injustice to help?
  • What is my role in fighting racism?
  • How can I make anti-racism a part of my everyday life?

Put it in your calendar:

*We’ve got a packed calendar of events, but families who are overextended, managing disabilities, and who can’t make the action dates are welcome to participate at a slower pace. Adjust your schedule as needed – but for non-Black families of color & white families, do the work and block off some time in your calendar.

Month 1: Wee Chalk The Walk

  • Help kids understand systemic racism and what they can do about it.
  • Support kids in working through overwhelm and despair into empowerment and change-making.
  • Model how to move from inner reflection work to community advocacy.

Month 2: To Minneapolis With Love – Love Letters 4 Black Lives

  • Find out how the Black Lives Matter movement started (hint: with a love letter).
  • Learn how to talk about your family’s racial identity and role in anti-racism work.
  • Model what it means to stand in solidarity with families impacted by anti-Blackness.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

  • Create a Family Manifesto to affirm who you are and what you stand for.

Sunday, Late August or Early September, 2020

  • Action TBD

Follow the #Families4BlackLives Facebook Page for updates.

SPREAD THE WORD on Facebook and Instagram using the tags #FamilySummer4BlackLives.
Follow & collaborate together with our coalition: Wee the People, Revolutionary Humans, MassArt’s Center for Art and Community Partnerships, the Philly Children’s Movement, and Raising Luminaries as we create a 2020 Summer of Action to support anti-racist families in building a better future together.

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