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Appreciating hand-me-downs with ‘A Fire Truck Named Red’

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A Fire Truck Named Red

By Randall de Sève and Bob Staake

Picture book, Recommended for ages 4-7

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The cat tried to eat our Christmas tree and now there is barf all over the place.

I have finished one of the 20 gifts we have left to DIY, because apparently my subconscious domestic gremlin has something to prove.

Only one more week before the Earthquakes are home 24/10 for winter break.

So that’s where I’m at for decorating and holiday prep. And already I have no. brain cells. left. But I vaguely remembered that I REALLY wanted to tell you about this book before it’s too late to grab it.

We read this when the Earthquakes start to feel entitled and grouchy if they don’t get what they hoped for.

This is my favorite right before birthdays and holidays, to remind the Earthquakes that the best gifts are thoughtful ones, not shiny expensive ones. So far – it’s worked!

But also okay – I set low standards. They have lofty dreams, a tenuous grip on reality, and I never get what they ask for.
(Purple apples, flying houses, a rowboat….uh.) But like to think my spectacular plan-aheading-ness by reading this book together…makes a difference?

How we calculate the overall awesomeness score of books.

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