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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Quick Things You Need To Know:

  • I started a book collection back in October for Indigenous People’s Day and then got sidetracked creating our SIS IDP toolkit. I didn’t get far and have another… I dunno, 50 awesome books to add?
  • But here it is for now

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Animal Stories

Rabbit's Snow Dance

Ages 3+

Beaver Steals Fire

Ages 4-7

How Raven Got His Crooked Nose

Ages 5+

invisible line

Rainbow Crow

Ages 5+


Ags 5+

Age 5+

Snail Girl Brings Water

invisible line

Lesson For The Wolf

Ages 5+

Raven And The Loon

Ages 4+


Colonist Invasion

Malian’s Song, Coyote Columbus Story, Crazy Horse’s Vision

Malian's Song

Ages 7+

Coyote Columbus Story

Ages 5+

Crazy Horse's Vision

Ages 5+

Residential Schools

I Am Not A Number, Not My Girl, Home To Medicine Mountain

I Am Not A Number

Ages 9+

Not My Girl

Ages 7+

Home To Medicine Mountain

Ages 6+


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