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Kyriarchy-Smashing Kids Books For 6-Year-Olds

Favorite Kids Books Hand-Picked by Actual Kids

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We Move Together (Ages 6+)

We Move TogetherOH HEY, it’s the #OwnVoices kid-friendly book about unapologetic disability justice we’ve all been searching for!

I can’t… the words… too excited. Oh my gosh. TOO MUCH. TOO AWESOME.

Interdependence! Disability history! Outright naming and demanding disability justice! Disabled bodies! Calling in environmental activists for ignoring and trampling the humanity of disabled people!

Do you get it now? SO MANY GOOD THINGS.

Okay, I’ll admit the 7 and 9-year olds found this disengaging (not quite a narrative, no humor/suspense hook, and the straw ban controversial could have been scripted better for readers who aren’t already familiar with the issue). BUT WHERE ELSE are you going to find my heroes Mia Mingus and Leroy Moore and Alice Wong and more modern disability justice activists! All these badasses we’ve been boosting for years, now connected and illustrated for kids outside the grownup-sphere?! EXCITING.

The end notes are FANTASTIC and there’s a 62 page companion learning guide on their website. All this access, all this love.

If you like this, check out stories by disabled authors and illustrators and more books normalizing disabled characters.



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