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Creating Brave Space Storytime with The Center for Cognitive Diversity

Trauma Informed Guest Lecture Series

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[Image: Cover slide from ‘Brave Space Storytime: Navigating our obstacles with children’s stories’]

Brave Space Storytime

Join the Center for Cognitive Diversity for a discussion with Ashia Ray of Raising Luminaries on how incorporate trauma-informed practices into story time.

Video Recording

A recording of Saturday,November 13, 2021 guest lecture with Ashia Ray of Raising Luminaries and April Brown of the Center for Cognitive Diversity.



We can’t shut off the 60-second auto-advance. To access screen-reader, braille support, and to view the slides without auto-advance, view on Google Slides.  With the exception of Zoom icons on slide 2 and a QR code that leads to the padlet below, all images on the slides are decorative.



April Brown

[She/her] April is a parent, educator, child advocator, and coach for the Center of Cognitive Diversity supporting educators in shifting from a compliance-based model of education to one of liberation and place-based experiences. April is a co-founder of the Student Ignition Society, a growing community of educators developing social-justice-oriented practices in early childhood education.

Ashia Ray

[They/She] Ashia is a multiracial Autistic disability rights educator and the Head Custodian of Raising Luminaries, founder of Books for Littles, and co-founder of the Student Ignition Society. They are an Autistic mom born and raised on the traditional lands of the Wampanoag and Massachusett people, currently homeschooling a 7- and 9-year-old.


Additional Resources:

Companion resources for the discussions during our webinar, including recommended kids book lists, are listed in the Padlet under ‘Brave Space Storytime: Trauma-Informed Practices

Click within the padlet window below to scroll through and expand resources. If this resource is not accessible for your screen reader, you can access the padlet directly.


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Stay Curious, Stand Courageous, and Build Brave Spaces

Join the Center for Cognitive Diversity to become a Trauma Informed Specialist.

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