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Badass Luminary Brain Trust members who have tried (and mostly succeeded) in Doing A Thing.


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Cat's Certificate of Badassery September 2022


What small challenges have you managed to work through this month?

Show us what's possible and celebrate with us!


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  • Yup! This page is designed to share with your friends and family, on social media, or to rub your accomplishments into the faces of your enemies and rivals.
  • MwaaHahaHAHAHAHAHAH! Our rivals are gonna be so jealous of our ability to drink water and get out of bed sometimes!
  • While your accomplishments are AMAZING, these certificates are terribly designed. I totally understand not wanting anything to do with this 🙂
  • By default, anyone who participates in our Accountabili-Buddies challenges gets your amazingness applauded here – HOWEVER…
  • If you’d prefer NOT to receive a certificate of badassery, let me know in the comments or spreadsheet during the challenge and I won’t make one.
  • Or if the visual assault turns out to be more than you can handle, let me know if you have one here and would like it removed from public view.
  • Mouse-over or click your certificate and some sharing icons should pop up.
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