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Stretch our courage muscles & develop the discipline of kindness. One tiny action every day adds up to long-term transformation.

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  • Most of us put our own mental health and physical health second to those we love. This is selfish martyr-y nonsense, and it has to stop.
  • To ignite the next generation of kind & courageous humans, we have to sustain ourselves as a resource.
  • This means honing patience, mindfulness, and the discipline to maintain a grip. We care for our mental health because everyone we care about relies on us to manage our own baggage.
  • This also means caring for our bodies and the spaces we inhabit. We can’t perform at our best if we’re neglecting our bodies and tripping over piles of crap.
  • So let’s get our shit together by developing one small habit every month.
  • And let’s have fun with it.


  • Our Accountabili-buddies Challenges are hosted on google spreadsheets. (Register for a free google account if you haven’t already).
  • Sign up for our next challenge by adding your name and goals to an empty column in our Upcoming Challenge spreadsheet.
  • There’s no ‘right way’ to fill out the column. You can use this month’s sheet for inspiration if that’s helpful, or ask questions below.
  • Set a reminder to check in daily starting on the first day of our challenge. Set an alarm on your phone, email yourself, and mark your calendar.
  • Then join us daily during the challenge to track your progress and cheer our friends on!
  • Start small!
  • Smaller than that!
  • and get hyper-specific
  • Don’t drink 4 glasses of water a day. Drink two ounces of water every morning.
  • Don’t go for a 1-mile walk. Put your sneakers on after your morning coffee.
  • Don’t meditate 30 minutes every day. Sit in your favorite chair for 1 minute after dropping the kids off at school.
  • Think of the easiest trigger habit you’d have to establish in order to develop an expert discipline in 10-15 years.
  • This month is about starting.


  • When we fail to meet our daily objectives, it’s most often because:

  • 1. We tried to do too much
    Reduce that 10-sit-up challenge to a 1-sit-up challenge.
  • 2. We didn’t account for interruptions and obstacles with contingency objectives
    Can’t putter in the garden while away from home? Step outside for 3 minutes.
  • 3. We got sick or had a family or work emergency
    Let yourself off the hook, or pick a challenge you can take on even when you’re exhausted.
  • Remember we’re building self-care habits so we can get a grip. Not beat-yourself-up habits to add to your busy day.
  • If your daily tasks feel like a punishment and aren’t helping you feel more patient and relaxed, pick a different challenge.
  • Failing and sharing what we learned – this is good mentorship! Congratulations – head over to the Friday Failure Party and share your wisdom.
  • Absolutely! Life happens, and it’s totally cool to adjust your challenge as we go to make it more accessible. The point is to show up for each other ❤
  • This 30-day challenge is about developing a healthy habit that sharpens you into a well-oiled weapon of mass-awesomeness.
  • We’re here to try something new, cheer each other on, and learn what we need to prepare so we can maintain the most formidable tool in our kyriarchy-smashing arsenal – our badass bodies and brilliant minds.
  • If you want. But it’s less motivating. So try it out.
  • But I’d recommend just signing up for the next challenge and waiting so you can make the most out of those ‘fresh start feels’

What support do you need to join us?

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