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October 14, 2022


The Secret of Kells

This Week's Call To Connect

Check out the new Family Movie Night recaps & find something to laugh about with your kids.


Weekly Check-Ins

Hi Friends!

Getting uncomfortable, staying open, and taking a firm stance on the deep work of kyriarchy-smashing is… important! Most of the time!

But sometimes we need to just laugh and goof off and stop… performing as if the whole world is watching.

Like, hey – can we just chill out and catch a movie together?

(And maybe rant about the problematic parts. Not in a way where we have to be the most insufferably wokeiest person in the Facebook comments – but in a way that releases some steam, y’know?)

Over the past couple years, our Family Movie Night posts have been the dependable favorite in our LBT group.* So as we migrate our community to this new fun playspace – let’s lighten things up for Family Movie Night once a month.

How we raise critical thinkers beyond kidlit

Now that the Earthquakes are not-so-little, they’re less interested in cuddling up with me, a picture book about genocide, and my ridiculous character voices.

So continue our training on critical thinking, unpacking cultural supremacy, and being unreasonably nitpicky (our family vibe), we found solace and sanity unpacking a classic kids movie together every week through the pandemic.

Now that the kids are back to school, and we’re not ALWAYS ON TOP OF EACH OTHER ALL OF THE TIME (sweet relief!), we’re continuing our pandemic tradition in the form of a monthly family movie.

This is our time to share a slightly(?) more-equitable experience as a family. Laughing together in a space where us adults aren’t the experts pushing the Earthquakes to use a napkin or pick their dirty socks up off the floor. We’re all sharing this movie together as beginners.

Check out the ever-growing archive in our Family Movie Night Collection and be sure to tell us how you discuss each film with your kids!

(A few of our FMN posts will be unlocked here through October for public view as our community slowly migrates over to this new space.)

Coming up next

Next week, we compile all our ideas for October’s Collaboration Laboratory challenge – sharing our favorite rainy day activities, into a single…thing?

A toolkit?

Or a thing in the Resource Library?

I dunno, it’s a first pancake. What do YOU think would be the best way to share our collective wisdom? Share your ideas in this month’s challenge!

With you,


*Behind the scenes, I’ve been slooowly migrating our old LBT #FamilyMovieNight recaps into the new Family Movie Night collection. If you can’t wait  for me to move them over – you can find the past two years of our weekly Facebook group recaps here.


Find Something To Laugh About With Your Kids

Our kids could use a few more memories of chuckling together with us.

How do you create these opportunities to connect? Share your ideas & advice with us below.

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Little Wins

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Collaboration Laboratory

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Friday Failure Party

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Self-Care Challenge

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When do you find yourself laughing together?

Help us create opportunities to connect with our kids.

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