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October 21, 2022


Self-Guided Kids Activities

This Week's Call To Connect

Help your kiddo pick out a self-guided Rainy Day Social Justice Activity from our first ever Collaboration Laboratory Toolkit.


Weekly Check-Ins

Hi Friends!

Every month we combine our super-powers to solve a single challenge together in the Collaborator Laboratory.

For our first ever Collab-Lab (say it out loud, it’s difficult but fun!) project, we compiled a repository of self-guided activities to inspire our kids on topics of justice, identity, and kyriarchy-smashing.

I know you’re busy – which is why this toolkit is designed with *extra magic and a no-pressure policy*

  • Activities are sorted by age & ability to minimize hands-on support from us grown-ups.
  • The toolkit is community-sourced and  editable so you can add new activities at your own pace.
  • This toolkit has been added to our Resource Library for quick reference.

DO NOT turn this into a ‘Oh no another thing I need to do with my kids!’

Just because we have a access to a hammer doesn’t mean we have to bash everything all the time!!!

Keep this toolkit in your pocket for the next blizzard, or quarantine – or when the kids are climbing the walls and you need to get them out of your hair for a minute to cook dinner.

How we support families beyond our tiny LBT community

Respite care, child ‘enrichment’ and keeping kids busy disproportionately falls on families who can’t afford personal tutors, after-school activities, and fancy summer camps. And let’s be real – there is a deep pressure for our women & femme parents to provide this sort of ‘enrichment’ while juggling a ton of other responsibilities.

This month’s challenge is about more than arts and crafts – our work together acknowledge the emotional labor of parenting as praxis, supporting each other through the ‘little challenges’ that eat up our limited bandwidth, and dismantling supremacy in our everyday lives.

Due to popular request from overwhelmed caregivers, we’re expanding our 2023 Resource Roundups beyond stories and discussion.

Which means sharing these activities for kids who enjoy tangible reflections as a part of their learning process.

Meanwhile – add your kids’ favorite activities so we can amplify new ways for our kids to integrate art and creativity into their activism.

Coming up next

I’ll be back next week with our November Collaboration Laboratory challenge.

Here in this space we have a small-but-mighty handful of the smartest, coolest, most innovative luminary-raising badasses.

Which means we can save each other value time, bandwidth, stress, and spoons.

But to do that – we need to know what to focus our collective effort on.

What obstacles are you facing raising kind & courageous leadersand how can we help?

Make sure to vote on our November challenges or add your own.

With you,


PS: My partner (who funds the vast majority of these shenanigans) was laid off from work yesterday and I’m doing *only a small panic.* If you’re interested (and able) in helping us get through this rough patch:

Choose three friends, parent groups, or like-minded kyriarchy-smashing mini-leader-igniters who would really enjoy joining us here in the LBT. Here’s a link you can send them.

Find more info on what support looks like for us here.


Share Ideas in the Rainy Day Activity Toolkit

Tell us about your kiddo's favorite social justice activity.

(Bonus points if it requires less work for us grown-ups!)

Weekly Check-Ins

Group Discussion

New polls & prompts Tuesdays.
Chime in whenever.

Little Wins

What small (or big?) thing have you managed to work through this month?

Collaboration Laboratory

Vote on topics &
share your advice

Friday Failure Party

What did you mess up this week?
Let's talk about what we learned!

Self-Care Challenge

Cheer each other on & become a lean, mean, kyriarchy-smashing machine.


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