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October 28, 2022

This Week's Call To Connect

Share your insight, challenges, and advice in our Winter Challenge.


Weekly Check-Ins

Hi Friends!

Every season, we focus our community wisdom on a single obstacle and tackle it together in the Collaborator Laboratory.

But first! Something completely irrelevant!

In last week’s update, I forgot to announce our new League of Badasses!

Well here they are!

Dang! So impressive!

Congratulations, you sexy champions. Bask in all your glory!

::: Back to serious shenaniganery! :::

This winter, we’re coming together to release draining friendships.

By the end of this winter, we’ll gather and reflect on each others stories, recommend the tools that have worked for us, and share the advice we wish someone had shared with us years ago.

Remember you’re not obligated to contribute your story or tell us what worked for you…

But every personal story, request for help, and hearty cheer for each other helps us feel less like lonely bizarre weirdos who are the only ones struggling with this problem.

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Coming up next

Let’s help each other focus on what’s important!

We want YOU to join us in the League of Badassery!

Our next Accountabili-Buddies challenge starts Tuesday 11/1.

Obvs if you join late, we’d still love to have you – but sign up now and start brainstorming a healthy habit you’d like to work on.

No Updates Next Week

I’m getting (...got? I’m sending you this update from the past!) last-minute surgery on Thursday*, but I don’t know what state I’ll be in through recovery.

Rather than send you a bunch of ridiculous painkiller-fueled nonsense, I’ll be back in a couple weeks to facilitate our next Dismantling Supremacy conversation.

With you,


PS: We’re postponing this Winter’s Parent Activist Incubator. Get more info here.

*Nothing deadly, I’m just scrambling to push some surgeries earlier before we lose health insurance. My partner was laid off last week and things are a bit chaotic.

If you’d like to help our family manage the loss in income, help me boost the LBT!

Choose three friends, parent groups, or like-minded kyriarchy-smashing mini-leader-igniters who would really enjoy joining us here in the LBT. Here’s a link you can send them.

Find more info on what support looks like for us here.


Add your insight

Share your stories, challenges, and advice on releasing draining friendships.

Weekly Check-Ins

Group Discussion

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Little Wins

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Collaboration Laboratory

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Friday Failure Party

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Self-Care Challenge

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