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March 17, 2023

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Hi Friends!

Happy St. Paddy’s!

Our Boston Irish-American family ‘celebrates’ St. Paddy’s by trying to remember to wear green when we stumble out of bed.

Sometimes I remember to talk with the Earthquakes about how much cooler St. Brigid is, and generally ruin the celebratory vibe of revelry and inebriation by ranting about history, patriarchy, and the huge difference between indentured servitude and slavery.

(I make a terrible guest at St. Paddys parties.)

((Actually, I make a terrible party-goer in general.))

So while we do…that, I hope you’re having a lovely holiday and enjoying all the tasty breads and potatoes and green carbs your heart could ever handle.

Meanwhile - tools to reduce your workload and have more fun with the kiddos:

>> New April Family Action Toolkit

Get book recommendations, guided discussions, and bonus resources to tackle a challenging topic with your kiddo this month.

>> We’re connecting about terrible job offers, stuffies for self-care, and picking our battles in the LBT videochat group

No need to follow the backlog of earlier messages – just pop in and say ‘hi!’

>> Check out what’s new in the ever-growing Resource Library

This is NOT ‘Oh no – another thing I need to do with my kids!’

I know you’re busy – which is why our resource library is organized by use for quick reference whenever need a little help. Such as two expanded features this spring:

> Let’s Host a Workshop Together!
All you need to do is choose from the workshops available (or suggest a new topic) and together we facilitate a live collaborative workshop for the LBT community. Workshops include Alternatives To Censorship For Problematic Books, Disability Justice At School, and (yikes!) My Kid Did a Racism – What Do I DO?

> 1-Minute Advocacy
Our Quick-Action Coordinator, Shannon Brescher Shea compiles a monthly list of quick, urgent petitions & template letters to resist legislative horrors and push for progress. All you gotta do is a few clicks!

> New Collab Tools: Making Your Virtual Event More Accessible & Inclusive
A simple working list I’ll be adding to as we experiment & learn together.

Our resource library is a place where LBT members can add ideas, request customized resources, and amplify the work we’re doing for our communities.

>> Save the date for the Summer Accelerator!

Our second annual 6-week Summer Collective starts July 10th, with live hangouts Fridays at 1pm EST.

Alumni get free access and LBT members get early access – plus there’s already a wait list.

Join the wait list to get first dibs when enrollment opens this May.

Meanwhile, in the Collab Lab:

We’re all kind of stumbling awkwardly out of winter hibernation with shaky legs and a defrosting inbox of friends brimming with new ideas.

So I’ll give everyone another couple weeks to vote on our Spring Collab Lab topic

In the lead: For unmoored folks who want to tackle ALL THE THINGS: A Parent Activist Rabbit Year Zodiac

(I’m hoping it wins, it sounds fun!)

Coming up next:

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with… I dunno whatever shenanigans this little leprechaun* has up their sleeve.

With you,

– Ashia


*PS: Please do not chase! I have no pot o’ gold and tend to nervous-fart when aggressively embraced.

PPS: Do you have experience or interest in any of our May explorations? Volunteer or sponsor a toolkit if you’d like to collaborate with me!


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