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April 14, 2023

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Family Movie Night

Let's laugh at trashy kids movies - all while unpacking problematic messages in pop culture with our kids.

Hi Friends!

In addition to our monthly Family Movie Night rant, my robot minions have generated a new movie release just for you.

New Family Movie Night Rants

  • “Make it less racist. But double down on the fatphobia and classism.” – the producers behind Matilda: The Musical, probably.
  • This new release isn’t like the other movies. Enjoy Unicorn Land, the big-budget, slapped-together sequel to every ‘progressive’ fairytale story.

I’ll probably be updating the script for Unicorn Land semi-regularly as a therapeutic way to manage my frustration with finding the SAME SHITTY KIDS MOVIE TROPES OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Coming up next: Radical Artsy Summer Camp

The Earthquakes are on spring break, and I’ll taking R2 on a little road trip we postponed three years ago when Covid hit.

So I’ll be back in May with our next update. Not sure with what, but probably some helpful tool or resource or whatever!

Meanwhile – check out Line Leaders, a new pop-up summer camp hosted by Revolutionary Humans.

Think of it like a traveling circus, but interactive, radically progressive, art-based fun for kids.

Check it out and suggest cities where you’d like Line Leaders to pop up next!

Early registration for the Summer Parent Activist Collective opens this Monday, May 1. 

Are you modeling healthy activism and parenting for your kids?

…or saviorism, martyrdom, and toxic hustle?

If you’re ready to reclaim your agency – THIS is the summer you learn to integrate parenting and activism without burning out.

This year I’ve got space for up to 3 cohorts of 8 people each. That’s only 24 spots!

Join the free, no-pressure waitlist to get early-bird rates and inbox updates when registration opens.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Our low-pressure May Accountabili-Buddies kicks off on 5/1 – add your May micro-goal so we can cheer you on!


Which kids movie drives you up the wall?

Share the problematic tropes kids need to know about below.

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Shannon April 14, 2023 - 1:33 PM

The idea that cute animals will save the world from environmental issues. It’s not true and erases all of the people who are both affected by environmental harms and finding for environmental justice. Among soooooo many issues – including gross racial stereotypes – Happy Feet is awful about this. It literally states in a very bizarre and confusing montage that tap-dancing penguins could stop people from overfishing.

Ashia April 14, 2023 - 2:52 PM

Oh my gosh yes i HATED ‘Happy Feet!’

Julian Lennon has not just one but a SERIES of books with cute cartoonish children fixing climate destruction by flying around on a private jet and touching the earth, and I hate him for the whole performative colonizer saviorism bullshit of it.

Cuteness, thoughts, prayers, and ‘awareness’ isn’t gonna fix this, dweebs.


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