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July 7, 2023

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Do you prioritize innocence over understanding?

Each month we examine a new aspect of supremacy culture - and our responsibility to resist it within ourselves and our communities.

Hi Friends!

What if ‘innocence’ is more about protecting those in power from acknowledging their complicity and agency than about protecting those most vulnerable?

Let’s discuss supremacy culture, and our responsibility to examine it within ourselves and our communities.

This July, we’re checking our obsession with innocence.

Share your experience raising kids to understand systems of oppression, along with the the tools and strategies that help you dismantle supremacy culture as a family.

This week, we took over the Revolutionary Humans' Cerebellum Newsletter

I wrote two issues of  Cerebellum this week because Bellamy’s arms aren’t cooperating at the moment.

Yeah – her arms. (Also one of her legs.)

You know, those limbs you use to… pack up furniture and belongings? And to drive these things to more hopeful place? And to pick up groceries for your kids? And to write newsletters saying “HELP! HAAALP! MY ARMS AREN’T WORKING!”

I’m writing Bellamy’s newsletter today because, unlike your friend Bellamy, I have the privilege of two functioning arms.

::: gloats :::

Obviously, Bellamy is much nicer than I am. Like you, she would never gloat about such a thing when you’re having a stress-induced MS relapse. She’s really kind.

And I know you’re kind, because you’re one of her people. Which brings me to…

Our opportunity for greatness and community belonging!

Shoffner family pictured as a family of poorly-drawn orcas driving down the highway. Bellorca says "This is tolerable but uncomfrotable"

Coming up next:

I’ll be back next week with a new Family Movie Night rant!

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Your work matters, stay motivated by acknowledging your progress! share your Little Win this month, whether you managed to get outside for some fresh air or trained a pack of wild puppies to take over and successfully ran a Wendy’s.

PPS: Help us choose our summer experiment! Vote in the Collab Lab and tell me what you need to keep raising kind & courageous leaders.


When do you prioritize innocence over understanding?

Let's resist systemic oppression together.

Weekly Check-Ins

Group Discussion

New polls & prompts Tuesdays.
Chime in whenever.

Little Wins

What small (or big?) thing have you managed to work through this month?

Collaboration Laboratory

Vote on topics &
share your advice

Friday Failure Party

What did you mess up this week?
Let's talk about what we learned!

Self-Care Challenge

Cheer each other on & become a lean, mean, kyriarchy-smashing machine.

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