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July 28, 2023

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Family Action Toolkit Launchpad

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Hi Friends!

My kids are getting older, they’re wandering away to buy doughnuts without me – and we’re having less conversations.

Which is why I relish these last slips of time we get together where nobody’s on a screen, and they’re hanging on my every word.

And this is also why I’m super glad to have as a quick reference while I still have their attention – I’ve got topics ready when they ask me to share stories and tell them about the world.

Check out the new Toolkit Launchpad!

Glancing over the toolkits, my kids choose the issues we discuss, the books we read, and the activities they use to process what we’ve learned together.

They take these discussions into their classrooms, their chats with friends, and into reflections on who they want to be as people.

We’re transforming despair into agency, and showing kids they have both the power and responsibility to advocate for change.

Over the past five years, I’ve been building and improving upon these toolkits, adding new topics, accessibility features, and testing methods that invite kids to lead the discussion.

My mission: consolidate 40+ hours of research & experimentation with real kids into 15-minute quick-reference toolkits providing everything kids need to start smashing the kyriarchy.

And now all our toolkits are free and easy to access from the new Toolkit Launchpad.

Once I finish our December toolkit this year, I’ll continue building each of them up each month – as well as creating new toolkits each month through 2024. 

It’d be AWESOME to build these in collaboration with you, to help you channel what you’ve learned as an advocate into resources for youth-centered advocacy organizations that ignite little leaders.

Because I bet you have done your own research, screened books with your kids, created your own journey that could light the path for families to follow.

(Let me know in the comments if you’d like to build a toolkit together!)

Please share & amplify these toolkits!

While there are thousands (millions?) of families who care about these issues -most caregivers don’t know how to get started.

These quick and actionable tools go to waste if nobody knows about it!

So share out a new toolkit each month, and tell your parenting groups when folks are searching for books and support tackling these tricky subjects with kids.

Are you aware of the explosion of child exploitation in the influencer and mommy blogger industry?

What about increased implicit bias against elders, fat folks, and people with disabilities among progressive families our age?

Oh look. How convenient. We’ve already got a few issue-based toolkits ready to examine internalized anti-elder ageism, fatphobia, and understand children’s rights, plus more.

As if we knew this was coming, and came prepared!

Coming up next:

I’ll be back next week with a new dismantling supremacy discussion for us to unpack together.

Meanwhile, join us for our next 20-Day Self-Care Challenge, starting August 1st.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Check out our new League of BADASSES!

PPS: Have you read the latest from Cerebellum?

PPPS: Join the Friday Failure Party and celebrate the stuff you’re learning! (Which I almost always join on Thursdays – but who cares? Yay failure!)


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