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Luminary Brain Trust Updates

August 25, 2023

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Hi Friends!

Happy new year!

As we romp through the Year of the Rabbit, let’s stay nimble and responsive for what’s to come.

This September marks the 1-year anniversary since we created a new portal to experiment in play in. But the seasons have changed, so have our needs, our challenges, and our goals.

I’d love to keep the LBT growing alongside the work you do – providing whatever it is you need to keep igniting luminaries.

But I can’t do this alone.

I need your advice.

Share your advice - how can we make this space even more helpful and awesome?

Bonus perk: Submit your response by 9/9/23, and get a free 1-month membership code to share with a friend.

Meanwhile, in the Collab Lab:

Want end harmful reactive behavior in your own family?

This Autumn, we’re continuing to learn how generational trauma impacts our kids – and what we can do about it.

  • Find new kids books, grown-up reading, articles, and more in our Generational Trauma Collab Lab.
  • Save the date: October 18th at 2pm EST, we team up with Nat V. of Come Back To Care for a collaborative workshop with actionable strategies.

Connect with us in the Generational Trauma Collab Lab comments with questions, ideas, or suggestions so we can create something truly awesome and healing for you.

Coming up next:

I’m taking a break from updates for the next two weeks as I update our website and features (also prepping the Earthquakes for back to school.)


  • I’ll still be available in our LBT Chat Group on Marco Polo – stop in and say ‘hi!’
  • Join the next Accountabili-Buddies Challenge, starting Sept 1st.
  • SERIOUSLY – Check out the LBT Annual Survey – your insight is SUPER HELPFUL so I can prioritize and not spread myself too thin trying to do ALL THE THINGS.

I’d love your advice and suggestions

How can I provide the resources and connections you need to keep raising kind and courageous leaders?

Together, we can transform our challenges into a sustainable way to support each other.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Check out our new League of BADASSES!

PPS: Join the Stories that Save Us workshop on September 8th to embrace personal storytelling as a path to radical progress.

PPPS: Join In-Out-N-Through, an online, 7-week, cohort-based social-justice parenting and inner-child re-parenting program hosted by Nat V. of Come Back to Care. Registration closes September 1st.



Which features should I keep, drop, or build?

I need your insight to make the Luminary Braintrust even more awesome.

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