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September 22, 2023

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Happy anniversary, friends!

Meanwhile, in the Collab Lab:

We wanted a dopamine hit alternative to doomscrolling social media.

We wanted an advocacy resource library of template letters, rainy day kids activities, and tried & tested media recommendations.

We wanted a space to acknowledge our small accomplishments and take accountability for our failures.

We wanted to connect with like-minded progressive caregivers who could make space for us to talk through our challenges, reflect, and create a plan to move forward.

And we wanted an unserious place to get a little silly about it.

And you know what? We made it! We made the Luminary Braintrust, gathered it all into this portal, and this month we celebrate our 1-year anniversary off Facebook in this cozy jungle gym of activities and resources!

Thank you, friends, for joining me. We’ve created soooo much good stuff to share and support each other here.

What weird and wonderful things we will create in our second year together?

Vote in our Collab Lab – we’ve got the power to help you ignite kind and courageous leaders… but first we need to know what support looks like for you.


Oh and also I made you a new toolkit.

Pick & choose the resources you need to talk about hard stuff with your kiddos:
  • How to fight back against book bans in your community
  • Understanding Indigenous Peoples Day
  • LGBTQiA2S+ History & National Coming Out Day
  • How to host a Disability-friendly Halloween
  • Why every kid can celebrate Death Positivity
  • Learning about consent & boundaries
  • Celebrating Disability History Month
  • And more!

You’ll also find Choose Your Own Adventure call to action for overstretched families, whether you’re short on time, cash, or both.

Here’s to another year of collaborative shenanigans!

Save the Date: October 18th

This Autumn, we’re teaming up with the Come Back To Care community to host a free Social Justice Parenting workshop.

We’ll be talking about picking our battles, generational trauma, and somatic tricks to make parenting through rough patches feel a little bit easier.

REGISTER EARLY to attend or get recordings. Our 45-minute event will be recorded, but show up live for bonus perks!

Coming up next:

Our October live group hangouts happen is Monday October 2nd and 16th.  RSVP to join us.

I’ll be back next week with… actually, I’m not sure yet. But it’ll probably be fun and helpful.

Meanwhile, enjoy the October toolkit!

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Join our 20-day Accountabili-Buddies challenge this October and YOU TOO could be impressing your friends and confusing your enemies with your own Certificate of Badassery!

PPS: Are you a curriculum developer who needs real-world experience to advance your career? LBT member April B. can help! Her Curriculum Development Foundations program starts 9/25. Space is limited.

PPPS: Have you caught the latest from Cerebellum? Things are in flux right now, but subscribe to support Bellamy & her kids as they seek shelter & stability.

PPPPS: Save the date – our second Activist Caregiver Winter Incubator starts in January. Join the wait list to get first dibs when enrollment opens in November.


What does support look like for you?

How can we make parenting & advocacy a little easier?

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1 comment

Alison L September 23, 2023 - 11:31 AM

Happy birthday, LBT playground!


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