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October 6, 2023

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How have you weaponized silence?

Each month we examine a new aspect of supremacy culture - and our responsibility to resist it within ourselves and our communities.

Hi friends!

This October, we take a beat to examine supremacy culture, and our responsibility to unpack it within ourselves and our communities.

We dismantle supremacy for the next generation by examining our own challenges and showing our kids that care work and activism isn’t something we do to rescue others, but a regular thing all humans do.

This October, we’re dismantling the supremacy of silence

  • The forbidden topics we grew up avoiding
  • How we exploit & benefit from silence at the expense of targeted people
  • Skills, policies, and practices to check ourselves moving forward

Remember you’re not obligated to contribute or tell us what worked for you…

But every experience you share, every time you ask for help, and each ‘I see you’  you provide for those who do share helps us feel less less alone as we navigate these challenges.

Join us in the discussion (comments, polo group, Tiktok,  – whatever works for you) and let us know how staying silent has impacted the way you navigate a supremacist society.

three friends laughing cheek to cheek. "Let's hang out! Luminary braintrust virtual get-togethers"

Meanwhile, in the Collab Lab:

Join our next open discussion on Monday, October 16th.

We’re slowly building a hangout itinerary that looks kinda something like this:

  • Vent out the challenges we’re navigating lately
  • Bounce ideas & walk through options
  • Ask for feedback, ideas, and excuses: Feeling dragged into bullshit meetings and volunteer ‘opportunities’? Well give you permission to chuck distracting busywork.
  • Accountability – share the next simplest step you’ll tackle before our next hangout

Coming up next

Unless I’m eaten by a roving pack of wild heffalumps (or other mild calamities), I’ll be back next week with deets on our 10/18 Workshop with Nat V. on Parenting the Path of Least Resistance.

Meanwhile, tell us about the projects you’re taking on this month in the comments. Anything we can boost in our community?

With you,

– Ashia

PS: The Caregiver Winter Incubator runs January 8th – February 16th. Space is limited – join the wait list to get first dibs when enrollment opens in November.

PPS: Have you caught the latest from Cerebellum? Read about Bellamy’s experience with tea-time rituals, homeschool poetry, and cults.

PPPS: Acknowledge your progress and keep this momentum! Share your Little Win this week.



Which discussions were forbidden in your family?

Let's resist systemic oppression together.

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