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October 13, 2023

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Hi, friends

This Wednesday, we’re teaming up with the Come Back To Care community to host a free Social Justice Parenting workshop.

We’ll be talking about picking our battles, generational trauma, and somatic tricks to make parenting through rough patches feel a little bit easier.

I do not like how timely this workshop is happening while everyone is FREAKING OUT and so directly impacted by generations of violence, colonization, and trauma. It gives me the ick.

But alas. Nat and I will be here this Wednesday, October 18th, to help parents and caregivers who need to process all this horror so we don’t pass it on to our kids.

So we can stop perpetuating these cycles of lashing out, repeating harm, and hurting each other.

Join us live for bonus perks along with a Q&A after the 45 minute workshop

But if you can’t attend live – that’s okay. Register by 10/17/23 so we can send you a recording afterward.

Preview our workshop itinerary here.


I have no words for the families reeling through what’s going on in Palestine and Israel right now.

Nothing justifies attacking innocent civilians, apartheid, violence, and genocide.

And none of this is happening in a vacuum. Palestinians, Israelis, and Jewish people around the world deserve safety, freedom from violence, and to know their family members are safe.

My love language / panic response is to fawn. To leap in to help, to comfort you. To produce lots of words and call senators and create more things full of more words in an effort to make you feel safe, and supported, and hopeful.

But I get it. That can make it worse, just clutter up your overwhelmed brain.

Sometimes life is just so freaking horrifying. No amount of toolkits and calls for ceasefires or statements of solidarity can do much.

If what you really need is to plop the kids in front of a screen while you sit and stare at a wall or scream hysterically while running through the streets, I get it!

So know these resources are here if you find them helpful.

And if they’re not – ignore them. Weep in the pantry and scream through the streets, and we’ll be here once you need us.

three friends laughing cheek to cheek. "Let's hang out! Luminary braintrust virtual get-togethers"

Autumn Luminary Braintrust Hangouts

Join our next open discussion this Monday, October 16th.

We’re slowly building a hangout itinerary that looks kinda something like this:

  • Vent out the challenges we’re navigating lately
  • Bounce ideas & walk through options
  • Ask for feedback, ideas, and excuses: Feeling dragged into bullshit meetings and volunteer ‘opportunities’? Well give you permission to chuck distracting busywork.
  • Accountability – share the next simplest step you’ll tackle before our next hangout

Coming up next

Next week, I’ll be back with a recording from our Parenting The Path of Least Resistance workshop, some updates to our Resource Library.

Meanwhile, tell us what support looks like for you as we process the horrors and atrocities that just keep piling up.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Let’s learn from our mistakes together – join the Failure Party!

PPS: Join In-Out-N-Through, an online, 7-week, cohort-based social-justice parenting and inner-child re-parenting program hosted by Nat V. of Come Back to Care. Registration closes November 1st.

PPPS: Our Caregiver Winter Incubator runs January 8th – February 16th. Space is limited – join the wait list to get first dibs when enrollment opens in November.

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