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October 20, 2023

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Hi, friends

Autumn is a good time to let things die – to pare down our priorities and snuggle in for deep winter work.

As the weather turns chilly, take a few minutes to think about everything you’ve felt obligated to take on this year – and identify a few tasks that are safe to put down.

We are, collectively, doing way, way, way too much, and we’re getting sloppy and burning out.

Everything here – I made this for you. Cause you are important and you deserve safety, health, and support in the work you do.

So take a few minutes and identify a thing or two that you can stop doing for a season. Less obligations about what you must do for others, just accept that you also are an important person we need in the world.

I like you and want you to be okay.

And once you’ve had a nap, skip on over to the new November Family Action Toolkit, and take a gander at the cool things you can chat about with your kids.

Where you’ll find…


  • How to learn about Día de los Muertos without being weird about it
  • Getting kids excited about elections
  • Lighting up with joy for Diwali!
  • The third year in a row where I keep pushing folks to celebrate this made-up holiday that no one cares about (but maybe we should?)
  • Centering adopted people and dismantling fairytale narratives that harm them
  • Gathering for Indigenous Day of Mourning (aka ‘Thanksgiving’) without being a turd
  • Getting kids excited to share on Giving Tuesday
  • Acknowledging Indigenous Women’s Pay Day almost a FULL DAMN YEAR out! WTF.
  • Exploring truth & reconciliation
  • Celebrating Indigenous heritage month
  • Learning more about housing accessibility
You can start with just one book and still change the world! Let’s get started!
three friends laughing cheek to cheek. "Let's hang out! Luminary braintrust virtual get-togethers"


Join our next group hangout on Monday, November 6th.

We chat, we share what’s new, and we bust through all the pesky ‘shoulds‘ that get in the way.

Coming up next

I’ll be back next week with a comprehensive wrap-up from our Collaboration Laboratory challenge on dismantling generational trauma.

Which means it’s time to pick a new topic for Winter!

What do you need to raise kind and courageous leaders? How can we make this work just a little bit easier for you?

Vote in our Collab Lab – we’ve got the power to help you ignite kind and courageous leaders… but first we need to know what support looks like for you.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Join our 20-day Accountabili-Buddies challenge this November and YOU TOO could be impressing your friends and confusing your enemies with your own Certificate of Badassery!

PPS: Have you caught the latest on creating solace in comfort foods when we’re feeling like the world is falling apart? No shame, no guilt – just eating what you need to eat, and surviving because all food is good food!

PPPS: Are you modeling healthy care work for your kids – or saviorism, martyrdom & toxic hustle? Join the free waiting list for the Caregiver Activist Incubator. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot ASAP.


What does support look like for you this winter?

How can we make parenting & advocacy a little easier?

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