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October 27, 2023

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Collab Lab Wrap-Up

Look what we built together!

Check out the resource guide, workshop recording, and other goodies we created together during our Collab Lab challenge on breaking cycles of generational trauma.

Hi friends!

Through our Summer-Autumn Collab Lab project on Disrupting Cycles of Generational Trauma, we connected with Nat Vikitsreth, licensed therapist and somatic abolitionist.

She taught how to co-regulate together with our kids and metabolize our trauma to stop passing on reactions and behaviors that may have served our ancestors – but are causing harm today.

While this may feel self-indulgent and non-urgent, what we learned WILL help you keep advocating for a ceasefire without burning out or causing more harm.

We hosted a 45-minute workshop featuring in-the-moment grounding exercises, touched on the neurobiology of co-regulation, and discussed how systemic oppression and the genocide against Palestine ties into generational trauma.

Using myself as a guinea pig, we plowed through a real (and cringe-level honest) demonstration, Nat showed me how to learn from my parenting freakouts, repair my relationship with my kids, and start reacting in ways that align with my parenting values moving forward.

Together with the workshop recording and companion workbook, I’ve also curated recommended reading, podcast episodes, and more tools to start disrupting generational trauma.

Check out the tools, definitely watch the workshop replay, and then once your marbles have been more-or-less gathered, you’ll be better equipped to demand a ceasefire and save lives.

three friends laughing cheek to cheek. "Let's hang out! Luminary braintrust virtual get-togethers"

Need a moment?

Join our next group hangout next Monday, November 6th.

Bring your hot-weeping-mess-of-a-self to vent, brainstorm, and clear your head.

Together we’ll commit to the next smallest action with accountability – and also a bit of goofiness.

Coming up next

I’ll be back next week with our new Winter Collab Lab challenge.

(Which means I need your help voting on a topic!)

What do you need to raise kind and courageous leaders? How can we make this work just a little bit easier for you?

Seriously – all you have to do is share your challenges, and then I tackle it with Autistic hyperfocus, connect with smarty-pants folks who’ve dedicated their lives to this exact problem, and then just deliver all the awesome resources to help right in your lap. (Metaphorically.)

It’s like having your own personal magic pocket wizard. Except I’m somehow both full size and live in your computer.

Vote in our Collab Lab – we’ve got the power to help you ignite kind and courageous leaders… but first we need to know what support looks like for you.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Are you caught in an inertia spiral about the Israeli occupation and genocide of Palestinian children and families? Nat has a quick podcast episode on how to re-center yourself and get back on track and quick, accessible steps to advocate from home once you’re ready.

PPS: Check out our new League of BADASSES!

PPPS: Transform your cold, dreary winters into a time of warmth and connection. Learn how to rest, retreat, and become a BADASS KYRIARCHY-SMASHING POWERHOUSE with less busywork and bullshit. Join the Winter Incubator waitlist and get first dibs when registration opens.




Vote for our Winter Challenge!

What tools & resources would make parenting a little easier this winter?

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