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November 3, 2023

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A Do-Gooder's Guide To Sabotage

Let’s explore the ways we make more work for ourselves and our accomplices. Once we know what we’re doing, maybe we can cut it out!

Hi friends!

Along with the chilly weather, I’ve got a cozy new Winter Collab Lab project for you – Let’s explore the ways we throw a wrench in the works of our own initiatives.

You know you do it. I do it too…. SABOTAGE!!!

Once we can identify it – we can cut it out!

Comment below – what’s the most funnest way for us examine self-sabotage so we can get out of our own way?

  • A comment or video discussion series?
  • Reading guides for kids and grownups?
  • Series of ridiculous anti-affirmation posters to cut it out already??
  • Zoom or Polo group book club discussion on the CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual?
  • Strategically encoded messages printed in your local letter to the editor, placed inconspicuously next to your coffee on a park bench by a stranger in a trenchcoat?

Let us know in the comments how you’d like to connect this winter.

three friends laughing cheek to cheek. "Let's hang out! Luminary braintrust virtual get-togethers"

Need a moment?

Join our next group hangout next Monday, November 6th.

Bring your hot-weeping-mess-of-a-self to vent, brainstorm, and clear your head.

Together we’ll commit to the next smallest action with accountability – and also a bit of goofiness.

My activism feels 70% authentic and 30% performative.

I’m not telling people I’m a good person. I’m trying to show it.

One of the things I’m really excited about this incubator is that it allows me courageous space to peel back that 30%”

Anonymous, Winter Incubator 2021

Join the waitlist now – we start January 8th

Coming up next

Since there’s gonna be so much overlap between this winter’s Collab Lab and the Dismantling Supremacy series, I’ll be putting a pause on it for now.

Next week, I’ll be back with… uhh…

OMG it’s so hard to think – I’m at the library sitting next to a full grown man in a beanie chugging hipster coffee just SLAMMING AWAY at his keyboard and it’s shaking the damn whole room. Dude – CHILL.

I can’t even concentrate. I’ll be back with something, definitely.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Going out of your mind screaming at your elected officials as they endorse a genocide? Learn how to center yourself amidst waves of legislative horror.

PPS: Check out our new League of BADASSES!

PPPS: Feeling isolated, but can’t make it to our live hangouts? Check in with the LBT chat group – just watch the very last video and jump into the conversation.


What does support look like for you?

What's a fun way to engage in this winter's sabotage series?

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