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November 10, 2023

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A Silly Parent Activist Horoscope

For when you're unmoored and need a goofy guidepost to break out of inertia.

Hi friends!

First – our new (and last) Rabbit Year Winter Horoscope!

Run with this weirdly specific series of AI-generated & Ashia-tinkered instructions from an internet stranger and their minions that has nothing to do with you, your interests, or abilities!

(My horoscopes are the opposite of the Summer Accelerator – simple, short, and full of terrible advice.)

Second – sooooo many other things I need to share with you. But I don’t want to overload you! So I leave you with this –

Praxis means taking what we discuss with our kids, and then actually participating in changing the injustice we talk about.

But also it’s getting cold. And the sky is gloomy. Also the world is a toilet bowl full of microplastics and things keep getting terribler?

(We just had a really bad local election. Also: Genocide and a looming WWIII. I’m in a mood.)

Getting up and doing stuff is harder. What’s the point?


Yes – the world sucks. It’s full of terrible, stinky, rude people. And the systems we live in are designed to exploit us, sap our energy, and crush us until we give up.

BUT! We don’t have to give up. That’s a choice. Most of us have the freedom to keep going.

And this world could be so wonderful if we keep it up.

So take a nap, vent and weep – do what you need to do. Care for yourself by raking leaves and watching Parks and Rec marathons and eating way too much avocado ice cream.

Take a breath – take lots of breaths – and then come back and join us. We’ll take turns, and we’ll stay at it.

Tell us what you’re carrying with you this week in the comments – what are you working on, and what does support look like for you while you tackle it?


Responding, Not Reacting

“I’m here because my activism and my action is… in a dumpster fire kind of way.

When things are in crisis, I’m there, I’m the most effective person in the room. But it doesn’t feel meaningful because I’m always working at a frantic pace.

Lots of times it’s not serving a greater need – to make those fires not happen to begin with. Or at least give people some fire extinguishers.”

Maura Kate, Winter Incubator 2021

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three friends laughing cheek to cheek. "Let's hang out! Luminary braintrust virtual get-togethers"

Need a moment?

Join our next group hangout next Monday, November 20th.

Bring your hot-weeping-mess-of-a-self to vent, brainstorm, and clear your head.

Together we’ll commit to the next smallest action with accountability – and also a bit of goofiness.

Coming up next

Next week, I’ll be back with a new Family Action Toolkit on ending genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Meanwhile – Are you’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated, but can’t find time to make real connections?

When I get like that, I check in on social media for that hit of connection, only to realize – I’ve been doomscrolling and crying for hours. I created the Winter Incubator as an alternative – it’s my cozy space where we get together in tiny little groups of awesome people to talk about the real challenges of parenting, activism, and being a human in the world.

How do we manage the existential loneliness of parenting in the digital age? How do we de-center ourselves as advocates without running ourselves ragged?

This is our six weeks of brave space discussions where we find permission to protect our energy, ask challenging questions, and share what we’ve learned with folks who see and appreciate our work.

I’ll organize registrations and welcome new members in a couple weeks, once I’ve collected my marbles a bit.

I hope you’ll join us.

With you,

– Ashia

PS: With the writers strike over and what looks like an ending to the actor’s strike happening soon – we can start Family Movie Night recaps again! What movies should we review?

PPS: Want a guaranteed pick-me-up? Celebrate your Little Accomplishments with us!

PPPS: Have you caught the latest from Cerebellum? A story of chaos, racist cat ladies, and songs that never get old.


What does support look like for you?

What will you need this winter?

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