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November 17, 2023

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Ending Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing

Is there even anything we can do about big violent problems like ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Let’s learn how these events shaped our history, how they're still going on today, and what we can do to stop it.

Hi friends!

I know you’ve got a lot of people relying on you and a ton going on right now – but I just wanted to remind you that even if you mess up or can’t take on everything asked of you – you are unconditionally awesome.

I don’t ever expect you to do *all the things* in these toolkits. They’re not more stuff for you to handle, they’re shortcuts you can use to burn away the bullshit and build a better world, if you want it.

The stuff I make for you is here for you for when you’re unsure of where to start, for when you need support. Especially on overwhelmingly horrible topics like genocide and ethnic cleansing.

I appreciate you. I want you to feel safe and happy and whole. So you better be kind and patient with yourself! I demand it!

@raisingluminaries #stitch with @Sèrge how parents & educatiors stay complicit in global violence #smashthekyriarchy #parentsoftiktok #childism #innocentchildren ♬ original sound - Ashia Ray

“This is AMAZING!”

“You have taken all you know, think and do about accessibility and creating space with accountability and safety and perfected it in one place.”

“Holy cow. Looking forward to incubating with you all!”

Kerry P., Winter Incubator 2021

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Bring your hot-weeping-mess-of-a-self to vent, brainstorm, and clear your head.

Together we’ll commit to the next smallest action with accountability – and also a bit of goofiness.

Coming up next

Next week, I’ll be back with our December Family Action Toolkit.

Meanwhile -I’m building a winter playlist. What are your favorite kyriarchy-smashing winter jams? (Leave a comment below!)

With you,

– Ashia

PS: Educators – learn how to respond to the needs of children impacted by trauma with LBT member April B.’s training for Trauma Informed Educators. The next cohort starts this January.

PPS: Working real hard at the edge of your ability leaves you vulnerable to failure. Lots and LOTS of failure. Including something as ‘simple’ as being the best parent you can be. Come celebrate your failures with us.


What does support look like for you?

What will you need this winter?

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