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November 24, 2023

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Hi friends!

This winter, we resist business as usual.

As Luminary Braintrust members, you get early access to join our Winter Collective (along with a few other perks) – at a steeply discounted rate.*

Gather with a small group of kyriarchy-smashing caregivers and build the skills you need to dismantle internalized supremacy and set a better path for your kids.

Each winter, we tweak the collective to suit our unique member needs – with a focus on reciprocity, courageous transformation, and not taking ourselves too seriously.


We’re scheduling our live sessions based on member availability. Join us quickly to secure dates that fit your schedule.

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@raisingluminaries Feel like all your advocacy is leading nowhere? How to tell when it’s time to step up your game. #disruption #smashthekyriarchy #parentsoftiktok #activistburnout ♬ original sound - Ashia Ray

“…the world shifted”

“When I discovered you it seriously felt like the world shifted, like there could be hope and optimism (and goofy-ness and fun) balanced with reality and hard work amidst the experience of life we all find ourselves in.”

“All that to say, count me in, giddy,  nervous, and truly grateful to commit to this.”

Rachel G, Winter Incubator 2021

Enrollment closes when we hit capacity. 5 spots left.

Coming up next

Next week, I’ll be back with updates on our Do-Gooder’s Guide to Sabotage.

Save the date for December 4th & 18th, 1pm Eastern if you’d like to gather and discuss this winter’s subversive strategies! ::slinks away sneakily:::

With you,

– Ashia

PS: We launch a new Accountabili-Buddies challenge on December 1st! What new habit are you working on?

PPS: Gifting this season? This is tough, but you are tougher.

PPPS: Need a pick-me-up? CLICK THE EASTER EGGS!! After a year of hiding these, I really want someone to enjoy them! (hint: look up)


What does support look like for you?

What will you need this winter?

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