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December 8, 2023

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preview of january and december reading bingo printable companions for the books for littles family action toolkits

Kids Monthly Reading Bingo Game

Get kids excited to learn about each of our Family Action Toolkit topics with these new bingo games.

Hi friends!

I know I said I’d take the week off but I LIED.

Look – I get anxious. And when I get I get anxious, I work.

You’re just gonna have to deal with the too much stuff I’m throwing at you because I’m too out-of-it to slow my roll. Making stuff is my neurotic love language, and doing less takes more spoons than I have available at the moment.

Which means – NEW FEATURE – Companion Reading Bingo Games!!!

As you know, every month, I publish a Family Action Toolkit to cover all the topics we need to talk about with our kids over the years.

To make these more interactive and accessible for kids, Luminary Braintrust members & paid Substack subscribers now get access to downloadable bingo charts to fuel your little reader.

Each chart has a cute character prompt to create your own goals!

Maybe your kid wants to earn a new pair of roller skates! Or a trip to Ice Cream Land! (I don’t know your life!)

The point is – your kid gets to decide what matters to them, and how they’ll get there. Ask your kids to set mini-goals for a line of bingo reading accomplishments – or challenge them to fill out the whole chart (a daunting task!) for something really big.

And you know what? It works for grownup books too!

Collect ’em all this year! Keep an eye out in your Substack emails and the LBT Resource Library – I’ll be adding new bingo printables each month.


Or if you don’t enjoy them – let me know how I can tweak them to be better!

“Would I recommend the Winter Incubator to my all my friends? No.”

“But to my friends who are activists? Absolutely yes. Not the ones just starting to dip their toes into the water, but the activists who are committed and want to understand this work on a deeper level.

My local family racial justice organization is not an activist space – it is a learning space, and lots of people are just starting their learning journey.

I needed something different. The Winter Incubator is the first and only time I have ever met with a group of activists who were examining how parenting and activism can coexist.”


Kerry P.., Winter Incubator 2021

Enrollment closes when we reach capacity. 4 spots left.
If the full contribution gives you pause – use the sliding scale ’cause I’d rather have a full house than get paid.


Coming up next

We’ve got a hangout coming up on December 18th at 1pm Eastern to discuss SABOTAGE! Join us if you’re free.

Meanwhile – I’ve got more updates coming for the Resource Library. Be sure to vote & add your ideas in the Collab Lab so I can prioritize the stuff you need to keep fighting.

With you,

– Ashia

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PPS: Did you miss it? Check out our November League of BADASSES!

PPPS: Share your Little Accomplishments with us so we can celebrate together. 


What does support look like for you?

What will you need this winter?

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